Posh people and Stupid Red Trousers????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Enlightened_One, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. This is a completely serious thread, Not, but what is it about posh people and wannabe posh people that makes them wear bizzare combinations of colours. (Red/Mustard Moleskins, Pink Check Shirts, Green Striped Tie's and Blazers for example)

    I suppose the real questions is: Does getting bummed at school, fagged in the 3rd years dorm and playing the Biscuit Game damage the fashion sense part of the male left Brain????

    PS. Snappy you're still Hot Hot Hot, Hellfyer don't blame it on the Crabs you're better than that
  2. Why do certain public school blokes wear shirts with their collars turned up? when CHavs do the same? who started this trend? and incidentally, Hackett, who can really claim that as theirs, Barrys or Harrys and what the hell is going on with salmon pink Polo shirts?

    Cravattes? ever seen the Scrim scarf warn as a combat cravatte, Its a marvel to behold!
  3. Isn't this the dress code of the Cav Officer? :D
  4. It is indeed, ever seen the RMAS cav officer wannabes when they are allowed out 8O

    They should be fecking shot for such dress sense :roll:
  5. It appears to be a growing trend that isn't just limited to the chinless wonders.
  6. I thought it was standard dress for all officers 8O
  7. No it isn't.

    Hate them as much as everybody else.

    I thought Hackett was out of favour now it is obviously so Chav.
  8. Surley the Red/Mustard moleskins and so on is just Posh Chav.

    Pronounced CHARV by the Chelsea set no doubt a bit like Pa's Car is a Charvmobile
  9. Like it, this could catch on!
  10. [​IMG]

  11. That sad wanker has even ironed a crease in his CHARV git moleskins
  12. These appear to be from the same stable as my red moleys, Pakeham Catto & Carter of Cirencester (which incidentally must be officer fashion victiom central). when we moved house, Mrs Cuddles packed them in a box helpfully marked "Dangerous Nuclear Waste - not required in this lifetime" or some such subterfuge, fuelled by her native Hibernian cunning. Luckily for me I found them and appeared wearing them and an enormous grin - "Look Paddy, I've found those smart red kecks o'mine."

    Through gritted teeth she muttered "Sure and that's nice Cuddles begob, where did I put my pinking shears and all?" and river-danced her way off to plot the eventual demise of the red moleys. Having now deduced her evil intent I have issued a deterrent statement - should the moleys die other than from natural causes, they will merely be replaced by pink corduroy trousers - with turn-ups! to hell with your Geneva convention you weaklings, I'm serious!
  13. You see gentlemen this is a perfect example of the Posh CHARV character trait.

    "Pakeham Catto & Carter of Cirencester" Just because the shop has the names of three other Bum Boys over the door it doesn't mean the contents are either a fashionable or b tasteful

    a further point to note is that the completely impractical brown suede shoe is the bling bling gold ring of the Posh CHARV world

    Its just a posher version of the common o garden Chav wearing white REEBOK trainers and things like " 8IG C0CK" written in number plate letters on the t-shirt
  14. Anyone remember monty pythons 'Upper-class twit of the year show'? four blokes dressed exactly as you describe compete in a series of bizarre events. one bloke manages to run himself over in his own triumph spitfire...
  15. Ha ha ha.... thats funny. Talking of Monty Python i can picture the above looney in his red moley's doing the ministry of silly walks scetch