Posh burds: better in bed?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Being off sick gives me access to the top quality entertainment that is daytime TV. The Wright Stuff just asked the question: Are posh birds better in bed?

  2. Yes.
    And yes thank you.
  3. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    depends what you mean by posh! :lol:
  4. Is this just directed at the male gender??
  5. I would be delighted to hear your experiences with other women in as much sordided detail as you can muster!!
  6. Good point.
    Whatever the female equivalent of a donkey walloper is I would think could serve as a bench mark. Less face it their male equivalent would be too dim to be much use to the assorted posh totty!
  7. As would I. As for whether Posh Birds are better it is difficult call - wantonness and sexual ability/capability are not necessarily a reflection of upbringing, unless of course you went to a convent school and feel either guilty and therefore won't do it or believe you missed out when younger and have transmogriphied into a belt-fed Wombat!
  8. One wot isn't claiming benefits as far as I'm concerned. And if she's got her own teeth......happy days.
  9. Ah the disadvantage of her own teeth is that she can't give the true Glasgow special of a 'gummy'.
  10. i think posh birds are no better really its just the thought of them doing dirty things to you cos they seem "forbidden fruit?"

    my two experiences of posh birds were at henley royal regatta where i was security and another memorable one was a brigadiers daughter from wilton that was a very dirty young lady indeed. she broke my bed in fact with her bedroom antics. pure filth, with a posh accent shouting obscene words thoughout the sordid act!

    she even laughed the next day where i told her, "tell daddy you were shagging a Cpl last night"
  11. I meant can posh birds give their opinions ha ha ha
  12. I think they are, my first venture up the poop-chute was with a bird that I met in a bar in Edinburgh, she sounded like Princess Fergie and was a dirty whore, I'm getting strangely aroused thinking about it, back in a minute.
  13. Council house chicks. Every time. What they'll do for a bottle of White Lightening and 20 Embassy.
  14. My first girlfriends (shags) were from a local convent school.

    Went like belt fed WOMBATS!
  15. If you know any tell them to post.