Posh & Becks' Move to Madrid

Whilst I am sure there are some are in deep shock, others are hoping for some real news stories in future.

The option should read "Who has gone where?"


Being a deeply devout Man U fan I can't say that I feel strongly one way or another. But we've let go many great players before and remained a good side. (Mssrs Pallister, Ince, Cantona, Schemichel and let's not forget Law and Best).

David Beckham has done a lot for Man U over the years but had become increasingly more redundant in a side that no longer relies on his crossing ability. Best thing for him and the club is to move on to pastures new.

Best of luck to him.
I'd advocate burning them for fuel, but yuo wouldn't get much out of the skinny wench  :mad:
I'm really upset about this.  Posh and Becks have given away millions to charity.  They’re not egotistic and don't suffer from problems associated with their own self-importance.  I think they have both been under exposed in the media, and I sincerely hope that this move will bring them more into the public spotlight.  Wibble.


what a load of w@nk ! i ve heard a load of football 'fans' 'crying' their eyes out ,threatening suicide, 'unable' to perform in bed , one even threaten to chop his arm of cos it got beckham on it,
get a fcuking life !


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Spot on that man...

Quotes in the papers today:

"I cried myself to sleep" - 85 year old granny

"He made me realise I was gay, I don't think I can carry on now" - 32 year old bloke

HE PLAYS FOOTBALL - a game involving 22 blokes running around after a round ball.

Hear Hear!

Wish he'd just buggar orf and get out of the media spotlight, I'm fed up of seeing him staring out at me from the front page of the papers most weeks  ::)

Does "Posh" (a misnomer if ever I heard one) ever smile.  Perhaps the bulldog clip at the back of her head is pulling the skin too tight?
Come on Ladies & Gents!  Only 16 votes!!  This is too important to be ignored.  Forget the European Constitution, get voting on the one topic that matters!

My tongue is so firmly in my cheek I am in danger of injury.


let the tart go will mean we have 11 players worth there salt on the hallowed turf instead of that poncey hairspray using puff.

send vicky over for a good bye shag ;D


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How do I say this politely.........

The sooner they **** off the better,

especially that sour faced twig with the wailing voice - if I never see her in the papers or on the tv again it will be too soon


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Who gives a fcuk?

Thick greedy ****** who can cross a ball, the only time they ever interested me was when there was a chance to see her tits or her minge.
;DI'm exstatic!! I hate the f***** poof and will be glad wen we get rid of him!! ;D
But hey that's just my opinion!!
This post is a cynical attempt to stop the poll falling off the edge of the page.
As a Manchester man, I'd like to say that the majority of us Manks are quite glad to see the back of HER !  Becks was a typical down to earth bloke until he met up with the skinny one.  I don't think I've ever come across a woman so hungry for publicity, money, and with an ego so big, the Brit Army couldn't even invade it !!  The sulky cow will enjoy the Spanish culture (chuckle).   One afterthought, the week GW2 started, I was staggered to hear one early morning on Radio Two, that the posh one had released a press statement, informing the media about her and him commissioning a painting of them both nakid.  Now, what does that tell you?  Troops going in, and she thinks the world needs to know this shite.............  Thank fcuk she's off.