Posh & Becks - Caption Competion

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by merchantman, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Tuck it in love

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  2. It's ok dear i am just given wayne rooney a hand out one i get a grip of his ear
  3. Ex England captain reacts to rumours that his wife is a lady boy
  4. That's the spot, dear. Slow and gentle to start with. Then a bit quicker.
  5. thats an overrated cnut
  6. Captain says 'Flaps to 50' :p
  7. Flaps to 50 PP are you sure. you are gonna come down like a stone
  8. Ive told you before get your hand off the CNUT .... Posh is told.
  9. Beckham handles in the box
  10. Beckham fumbles in the box!
  11. Usually Crash and Burn anyway !! :lol:
  12. Beckhams seen tucking a 9mm Browning into a slot that even the LAX security will miss.
  13. Beckham follows the example of the Little Dutch Boy.
  14. No, you stupid b1tch. Of course that's not what Romeo meant, when he said he wanted to be a Beaver.
  15. Oi, our David, stop stroking my pussy
    *from the depths of her cavernous axe-wound*