Portuguese Gamblers get Nicked!

Twenty-eight UK expats and holidaymakers were arrested by police at a Portuguese bar holding a game of "fun" bingo with biscuits for prizes. Landlady Marianne Pittaway, from North Yorkshire, was hosting the game at The Yorkshire Tavern in Albufeira, on Friday night.

As prizes were being handed out, everyone in the bar was arrested and taken in vans to a police station.
Portuguese police said it was part of a crackdown on illegal gambling.
Many of the British citizens arrested were due to appear in court in Albufeira, where they potentially face charges of illegal gambling. They could be fined up to £8,500 under gambling laws, which mean organisers of bingo have to apply for a government licence.

More @ BBC News - Bingo-for-biscuits Britons arrested in Portuguese bar
They must think the police are crackers.
Albufeira? Went there once, it was shit, it rained for most of the week.
They were Hob-Nobbing with an Assortment of Nice people.


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If they must go to third world countries then they have to accept the consequences. I bet there isn't even business class flights. I hope they all catch rickets.
I blame the Bourbons, posh french cunts, That Garibaldi bloke would have rounded them up and shot them in quick time
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