Portugal Property for sale - Can you get a better deal?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Oliver_Matthews, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. I have some apartments and villas available from €125k on the Algarve/;Lisbon and Silver Coast region, inc some golf properties

    • 20% deposit paid - instant equity, Mortgage 80% LTV
    • 2 year Rental Guarantee
    • All fees and Taxes paid
    • Fully furnished
    • 5 Weeks personal usage - or residential should you wish
    • Max input of £3,500 on apartments
    • Max Input of £5,000 on Villas
    • Inspection trips

    Please contact me on olivermatthews9@googlemail.com for more information or to receive the property details

    I will then contact you should you wish to discuss

    Many thanks

  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I am always slightly suspicious of any freshly poured concrete in the Algarve........
  3. Sound too good to be true? That's because it probably is.
  4. If you came on here in the Charity Forum and made an offer to Holidays 4 Heroes with a few of your Holiday Homes, you may well get offers from other sources...
  5. yes i get that alot that its too good to be true - this is a true investment opportunity

    we do inspection trips if interested.
  6. Personally any one trying to run a business like this from a googlemail address has to be very suspect.

    The EU is about to turn quite nasty on those who try and trade on the net without giving proper details of legal addresses etc.

    And any way it is more SPAM
  7. Contact details like phone number or address may help!
  8. You sure to get a few replies now!!! 8O
  9. Hi,
    We would like to have a chat with you,
    Can you give us a call on (0034) 966 443 242
    Ask for either Adrian, Shaun or Karl

  10. Ollie,

    I would like to reiterate my earlier post, people here will take you a little more serious and will be a bit more open and possibly interested in what you have to offer if your Company gave something back. You may or may not know about an Organisation called 'Holidays 4 Heroes' which is run by a handful of very caring and unselfish ARRSE Members who receive nothing in turn but to know they are helping the Families of wounded and fallen British Servicemen/women; part of what they do is to send the families on holidays they could ill afford themselves.

    They also help former Soldiers who are suffering from the effects of their service life.

    Your Company can help by doing what Spanish_Dave, a very kind hearted ARRSE Member does for Hols 4 Heroes, have a look at the following Thread to get the idea, by helping Holidays 4 Heroes you may very well drum up business from other Members who see that your Company do Care:


    Portugal added to Dave's Spanish Holidays would be immense for Hols & Help 4 Heroes...

    Oh! and P.S. You need to edit out that , at the end of your Website Link.
  11. Still no proper postal address and as for the web site

    Your requested host "www.albanyhill.co.uk," could not be resolved by DNS.

    A spammer who it would appear should be far from ones bargepole.
  12. maxi, As mentioned above I took that little comma out and it did go to the Website. Still interested in if they can comeback with some offer like Spanish_Daves' brilliant offer...

    If not, then SPAM I guess...