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Put into administration and deducted 9 points.

Oh well

I will give the scummers the same amount of sympathy they gave my team when we were relegated.


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Good luck!
I hope the whole edifice that is the FA implodes so that we can get back to the times when it was a sport and not an organisation, the principle aim of which is to make money. For a club that has been in existence since the 19th century and started life as the Royal Artillery Garrison Team [Yes, I know they played in Pink shirts but that's bye the bye] is very sad and a reflection of the greed of the modern game and a cry for robust change. I first started watching them in 1949 when over 40 thousand used to cram into Fratton Park and they were THE team in those days. In reality I suspect they will spend a period in one form or another in the Champions and possibly other divisions [again!!!] before reaching the top again................ Sadly probably not in my lifetime.
As a Southampton season ticket holder I'm laughing like **** I despise them Web toed inbred fish ******* dinlos.
The boots on the other foot now the difference is we had a premiership standard ground and training facilities we just needed a team to be built.
Portsmuff have nothing the ground and land surrounding it are owned by one of the many last owners.
As a saints fan I don't wont them to be liquidated but I honestly don't see why anyone would invest in them you may as well chuck your cash in the solent.
Any bets on which Premiership club is next? And what's all this about 'football debt'' taking priority over every other debt,that the club has run up?

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