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Portsmouth News: RN Officer Makes History After Being Named Top Naval Student On Germany's Most Prestigious Course


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I think another OF5 NA was sacked relatively recently...very hush hush: @alfred_the_great may know more?
It does make me wonder what questions companies ask when ‘recruiting’. I’m not sure if I was a strategic customer then I’d be impressed with a convicted fraudster handling my account.

Perhaps he’s an example of rehabilitation.
Given that the courses are established line numbers, and frankly trying to get on a Staff Course is hard enough work, I'd say well done him. My Shriv DS was from the German Staff College and laughed in our general direction at the "intellectual rigour" we had to go through.

I'd have loved to have done it, but alas, domestics precluded.

Your boyfriend didn't approve, then?
I have to say that I am very impressed. I know a lot of BW officers and they always talk about how hard their staff course is. They are also definitively split as an outcome into General Staff (Those with a shot at the brass) and 'Truppen' officers (Those with a shot at OF-5 at best), so not only is it demanding but the rest of your life may depend upon it.

Well done to the young fella! NATO beckons, I'll keep an eye out for him.


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Guy from my school who went RN, spent time as a German exchange officer- 3 years in all . He finished up as a four ring Supply branch officer. Doesn't hurt careers.
I think the really important question we're all missing is "What are the brasses down the Reeperbahn like these days?"

You wouldn't recognise it. Its all Russian and Albanian run nowadays - word was they made the boxhead pimps offers they could not refuse.
Wouldn't that make English gibberish as they are both West Germanic languages?

How very dare you Sir!

You have brought shame on yourself, your Regiment and your Country!

In your own time.

Mess Webley.jpg
Hope you didn't catch a dose!

I have not been since I was a young soldier. I have acouple of mates who run a business in Hamburg and theynhave told me that the Rooskis moved in.
for coincidence I share exactly the same first, surname and initials with a senior naval officer...occasionally I get emails meant for him!

<busily starts GAL stalking...>

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