Portrayal of a soldier with PTSD on Coronation Street

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. How on earth do the Coronation Street writers and producers expect us to believe or sympathise with the character Dean Windass and in particular his portrayal of an Afghanistan veteran with PTSD?

    He has supposedly been blown up on his first tour of Afghanistan and seen a close friend killed in the subsquent fire fight right before his very eyes. A friend, I might add, that had saved him during the initial blast.

    Now all of this I am not disputing. What I do find highly unbelievable is that fact he ever joined the army in the first place. This is mainly due to the lack him dropping in key phrases when he talks in everyday conversation. Phrases like: "Happy Days", "Squared away", "Scoff was shit" and "I'd smash that bird in a wheelchair back doors in big style" or by the fact he fails to utter a single civvy-confusing Army abbreviation.

    A strongly worded letter to Points Of View is on it's way I tell thee.
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    POV is the BBC , dickhead, the last time I watched Corrie,in about 1968 I'm sure it was on ITV
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    That all happened in about 3 weks just after he went AWOL also
    Would he not be better served returning to his unit and getting help than hiding under the stairs?
    Plus none of his army mates discuss the smell of piss or twiglets round him or call him gwar
  4. I have gas reg zero flashbacks - but then I am old and smell of wee mostly
  5. Also, the fact he never wears any form of phys attire or constantly drinks from a Maxi Muscle bottle I find only confirms my suspicions.
  6. You bunch of saddo's, are you really admitting to watching that crap?

  7. The episode where you see a picture of him with his parents wearing C95's with the buttons done all the way to the top with capbadge sitting squarely in the middle of his forhead had me shouting at the TV.

    Further to this the episode where a Captain visits during Gary's AWOL with the beret ribbon hanging down the back of his head had me fuming. Seriously how hard would it have been for the writers to visit the nearest TA centre or something and get some proper advice.

    His 'unit' obvoiusly skipped the health and hygene part on shaving too.

    Also listening to his account on last nights episode made him sound like his character was a loggie further adding to my general embarressment.

    I was all for this storyline at first but all it's doing now is making the Army look like a bag of shit!
  8. Guys, FFS get a grip will ya. ITS A FKUKIN SOAP, and a shite one at that. Who cares if some bone soap writers/continuity knobbers can't get their facts right. Do you not remember that homage to HMF Soldier/Soldier, which was also a load of shite and full of mistakes. WHO CARES :omfg:
  9. Its not real!!? Bastards.

    I spent a fortune on flowers and teddy bears when that train fell out of the sky.

    (I'd better cancel my trip to Manchester to hunt down those two young lezzers as well I suppose)
  10. Yes as they are in my cellar and I dont live there.

    If Corry isn't real, sorry to the parents of two missing lezzers from Mancland. You can have them back in about 5 years.
  11. Sad bunch of fukkers, the only time I watched the street was in early 80s Germany. It was shit then but at least it was in english.
    East enders with Dirty Den was a breath of fresh air.
  12. Corrie must be full of PTSD cases after the train jumped off the embankment and ploughed down the street for a pint in the Rovers... killing off a few pesky characters in the bargain. Did it total those gopping houses across the road from the Rovers, where Mike Baldwins knicker factory used to be?
  13. I'll be round in a bit. I'll bring beer and my own black nasty.
  14. Well which one do you want? Visit the TA or get proper military advice?
  15. Just been talking to the woman next to me about this thread who watches it religiously. She says the army lad has been sat in his shed since christmas which raises the question.....Has the Iron Duke been giving them advice?