Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

This one comes with it's own frame, and is quite cheap.

Self adhesive too, so you can stick it wherever you want in the mess

You could visit this place.

National Portrait Gallery. London.

Best to go at night, dressed in black with a balaclava on, and some para cord on a belt mounted spool, sneaky about rubber soled boots, oh, and a spray can of red mist stuff.

Put together a crack, hand picked team of experts in explosives/silent charges/glass-cutting/covert radios and cameras.

Don't forget your wheels man.

Good Luck.

On a more sensible note though...

Buy a print of this (dead) old queen. £9.99 from almost every poster/arty-farty shop in the world. Stick a few planks around it and the job is well and truly jobbed.

All messes are entitled to a piccie each of Queenie and Phil the Greek gratis, free and for nothing through the system. Your QM should be able to sort...

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