Porton Down

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by No_Duff, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Sometimes I'd read on orders that volunteers were wanted for Porton Down, I think you got extra pay.

    I never went, nor met anyone who had, anyone one on arrse ever go ?
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  2. I was afraid of the place - In basic training we were always threatened with a posting to Porton Down if we messed up again. The rumours alonetraumatized me :monkey:
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  3. I was afraid of the place - In basic training we were always threatened with a posting to Porton Down if we messed up again. The rumours alone traumatized me :monkey:

    Soooo badly was I traumatized I had to post it twice :-(
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  4. I visited a category A lab at Porton Down whilst shooting a documentary. They had the 1915 flu virus in a fridge, next to that was a phial of Ebola cultures and next to that was a pot of someone's out of date yoghurt.

    Also I saw plenty of frolicking soldiers with puttees tied around their swedes like bandanas, calling the RSM 'man', and playing the hornpipe on their rifle barrels.
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  5. Yeah it gave you a terrible stutter.
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  6. There was a guy I knew who volunteered a few times (although he had stopped when I knew him) in the mid 80's.

    He mostly got to trial either boots or suits, but nearly all trials involved getting ragged in one high NBC state or other. It was the time out of work that attracted him, allegedly
  7. Did the NBC Instructors Course there in 1974 and the NBC Staff Advisoris Course in 1989. Enjoyed both of them :) But it affected my spelling:roll:
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  8. Only one of these statements is true.
  9. I used to visit it a lot to give presentations to the staff. I would start each time with
    Right. Which one of you bastards works on those poor defenceless monkeys?
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  10. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Probably more efficient troops post rave culture.
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  11. Ah well... there actually was an Ebola culture and small bottle of the '15.
  12. The thing that struck me cira 1989 as I drove in was that the grass was covered in daisys........in December!

    A decade or so earlier my unit had undertaken a low key exercise involving lots of digging while 'noddied-up' on SPTA in which gob-stoppers had to be eaten (swallowed whole) with food that was "exactly the same as you buy in the shops except for the colouring/packaging". I couldn't/didn't shit until the last day. When I finally did they (x2) were the size o'cucumbers!

    I never heard any more about the experiment. Presumably it was a forerunner to NAPS.
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  13. We were well warned by old sweats as recruits that under no circumstances were we to volunteer to go to Porton Down. As strange and weird things "appen" there, one said he saw something and said "it's big, it's black, it's furry, and I be afeared of it!" After that no one volunteered, even though they tried to ply us on Pt.1 Orders with offer's of extra pay.
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  14. There was a fairly old Anglian lance jack called lofty at Bassingbourn early 80s, nice guy but as mad as a hatter, he used to get away with all sorts of things, we were told he spent some time at porton down, scared the shit out of me.
    We were told even the provost sgt steered clear of lofty

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