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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by 04mayb, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am looking to join the forces and would like to go on to do a career at porton down within the military research labs. I have 3 A levels in medical science and 10 a - c gcse's. Would biomedical scientists work in porton down? If not could someone lead me in the right direction as im passionate about the forces and microbiology
  2. Porton Down is a civilian establishment and has an assortment of civvie scientists there. It is the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment and it develops protection against those agents.

    It is not military although military volunteers work there to assist with kit development.

    Oh and we also guard the crashed UFO they have there.
  3. How do you have a selection date if you don't know your job choice
  4. Oh that was when i applied 2 years ago
  5. They have numerous and immediate vacancys for small, white, furry mammals.
  6. If you want to be a biomedical scientist, shouldn't you be looking to gaining a PhD in a relevant subject first?
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  7. Massively obvious wah, surely?

    "3 A levels in medical science"

    Heh, c'mon.

    C- Must try harder.
  8. wah wah wah
  9. This was you in Feb 2009:

    Re: Pirbright snow!!
    Cheers for the advice. I cant really stay in a b&b im only 16 lol, but im going to catch an earlier train to make sure im on time or if im lucky a little bit early

    Been a busy boy in the last 18 months or so..................3 A Levels etc etc

    Boy in a mans world...............jog on fella :)
  10. I use to work with a former lab tech from Porton and he was ******* odd! He told me he had accidentally had a whiff of some of the pre-cursors and live agents and it made him have vivid hallucinations for months, which led to schizophrenic episodes later in life.
  11. Back in the day, when I was stationed at Winterbourne Gunner, they would offer a cure for the common cold to any squaddie game enough to volunteer.
    Bearing in mind the old addage about volunteering and weighing that against the mindless bull of a pending Admin inspection for which we were currently painting everything that stood still, I decided to give it a whirl.
    They certainly cured my cold but I have felt a little strange ever since. Will it wear off?
  12. The best bit about the visits to Porton Down was the monkey knife fighting displays.
    The one that wins gets a packet of B & H as a prize.
    The one one that looses also gets a packet of b & H but no lighter!
  13. Don't forget the Monkeys with wings too. They're guarded by a Black ops SAS detachment. "Fly my pretties, FLY!
  14. 1. Porton does lots of stuff... Write to them and ask!

    2. Best way to do a mil/DSTL mix is to get a job at PD and then join the TA - (one of the specialist units!). There are no full time Mil Posts at PD.

    3. To those pitching the "common cold" line, you have the wrong establishment. The Common Cold research unit was at Harnham Down south of Salisbury. It belonged to the Medical Research Council and was only closed in the late 80s (having found nothing..).

    Ministry of Defence | About Defence | What we do | Health and Safety | Porton Down Volunteers | The Medical Research Council Common Cold Research Unit