Porteous Troop 12.09.79 Intake

Alright Lads
A bit of a NIG on this job, new on the game and wondering if any of my old JLRRA buddies are registered with your crew.
12th September, 1979 intake - Porteous Troop.
They were fantastic times and as I have got older, seem to rejoice in pulling up the proverbial sandbag - with more regard to Juniors & training rather than at regiment, which to be honest, left me a bit bored and not quite what I wanted or expected. The adventure training, physical exercise and highly disciplined atmosphere at Bramcote appealed to me more.
Alot of my mates went off to 29, and I wished I had followed them.
Had some grand times in the Bistro, some bird who looked like Debbie Harry seemed to run the place, and of course Bubbles in Hinckley was a venue easily reached. I lived in the phone box between Porteous/Hornby & Nicholson/Wardrop until the homesickness subsided.
Is there any of 09/79 Porteous out there?
jono welcome to arrse,!!! i told you it was a good site eh?altho id had quite a few scoops when i told you about it haha...didnt know anyone from 79 tho...far too young(and handsome!)haha!!it was another 11 years before i joined the legendary jlrra...i hope you get some replies from old muckers!! :D
Was it not sally ann or something from the bistro, buy a bag of chips and drink all night, all at |£4 a week, I have just explained to my daughter that I got £4 a week for the 1st 13 weeks and she doesent believe me
You chubby little NIG, Mmmm, I think you missed out 'far too bald'.
I have had a bit of a dig around and found this job to my liking. Particularly the sicko bits.
Yes, everytime we meet int Brit its drag up a sandbag time, I could almost here the screams of DS Hardy and Joe Moore in my drunken stupor, as you came through the door, or was it the Mrs whining, or had Scumchester United scored on MotD. Probably both.
The mems of Dortmund were great to go through, I was there only last year, did not recognise much but the feel was still there. Too many Spicks as there seems to be everywhere these days, who remembers Palm Beach?
A Spick haven in which I got a kicking, after shugging a Turks sister. She did not look Turkish is my excuse :oops: . Still got the scar on my hooter where the barstool met with it.
Spanish Dave
Yeah, Sally was her name, fcuking gorgeous :wink: , well she was to a country bumpkin like me and Brocks. A mate who moved to our town from Nuneaton remembers her and us well. He was Junior RCT and came home on leave to have a dust up with us Gamecock Billies. Jim Brown, Brocks.
He gave me a fantastic painting of the barracks, a coulpe of weeks ago.
4 Quid????
When were you there SD?
We got a tenner, and I made mine last. Always been tight as a gnats chuff though, me.
haha jono,your quite right,i did forget to mention ive got a bit more face to wash these days haha....but as for the chubby nig quote,i must say it was juniors who was the catalist for my somewhat impressive 16 stone bulk,all that tug o war y,see? that and all me weights uptill this very day,and of course..the "supplements". :wink: :roll:,i could have taken your route for bulking....but cant manage haddock n chips twice,swilled down with DIET coke hahaha...we ought to start an ex gunner thing around Brigg eh?...no time like the present..any ex gnrs around,from brigg area?(north lincs)
I was Hornby 79-80, we got £4 for the first 13 weeks in which we were gated if I remember, we then went up to £8 and by the time I left I think we were on the princley sum of £10 per week :lol:
Hornby was there at the same time but earlier intake.
I think I said I boxed against a lad called White who I got matey with after it was all done.
Then we went on the PTA Stamford with Hornby, and we competed with them and did well in time trials, for which they got a bit of a beasting from Parv & Slaughter.
I felt sorry for one lad in Hornby, he was a bit of a hardnut, and we all looked out when he was about, but the confidence course did not agree with him. The bit where you lean forward on a rope and cock your back leg over the rope, and shimmy forwards and downwards. Well, the Sergeants were not very encouraging, and it was down to us to talk him through it when he could not get down. He became a bit of a mate after that episode. If you struggle at something, it is nice to get encouragement and support, not the abuse he was handed, that was a lesson I learned early.

Brocks, you've been tugging on something, mate. Though I've never heard it called a rope before.
Haddock and chips twice????
What sort of lightweight do you think I am.
You obviously have not read my posting on shitting subjects and turd sizes, elswhere on this forum. Diet coke???
Try 4 had & chips and in between have a couple of Guinnesses, and watch yo......... well you get the drift. You could mix you Guinness with Blue Wicked {remember our Gav? RIP mate} then watch your ...... come out various shades of green. Great trick but plays havoc with you constitution.

Ex - Gunners in Brigg are in abundance.
Benny Ball 58 Bty, Lou Gudgeon 9 Bty, Me 9&T Bty/You, Doug Shepperd T Bty, Gaz Tuplin 40 Regt, Paul Walker was ACC at to RA, Cozzy 3 RHA, Terry Beever 9Bty, Jacko at Grove 9 Bty, Heaps too many to MiD.
You wanna come out wit us on 11/11/07, round Brigg. Some right kit supped.
Right 2-10 is coming to an end, off to Lisa's for a BJ & a pizza - in the bath.
43 a fat fcuk and a half, but I can still bag 'em. Just like the Hansa Becker days.
See you at weekend, Matt. 10 days off here in an hour.


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