Portaloo Tipping


been doing that on sites for a while, variations include lifting with a fork lift truck, locking them in and the most "popular!" opening the door mid dump when it faces a motorway full of rush hour crawlers.
One poor lad in my old coy, Was 'Portaloo'd' a few years back, except not only did they tip it over they chucked a 'Thundie' in ther as well, Not only did it cover the lad in bits of s**t and old bog paper, but much to our amusement it blew the roof clean off.

Sennelager, Mid 90's you know who you are, Pte 'SH*TTYKnickers!.
ugly said:
been doing that on sites for a while, variations include lifting with a fork lift truck, locking them in and the most "popular!" opening the door mid dump when it faces a motorway full of rush hour crawlers.
Yeah the best one on site though is to take the end cap off the soil pipe get half a house brick and drop it down the pipe. Resulting splosh should cover occupants arse and back in the contents of the toilet. :D

when i was attached to the Arty we used to do that, the lads would pick up the thunder box with a JCB and raise it in the air! this was around 93/94 time so its been around a while, i would imagine its been going on for decades!

i was fcuking laughing off my chair at that one, quality :D


War Hero
One fine day during an Airmobile excercise it came to pass that our next location was just next to a High security Prison in Suffolk.
We were in the process of flying in various packets of troops when as is normal we had to peel off and refuel. Right next to the refuel point were about 70 Turdis' (or is it Turdii?) in a line and we had no choice but to shoot our approach towards the nearest one.
Now we had no way of knowing that they were all bolted together for some wierd reason and as we flared ourt Lynx to land the first Bog wobbled then went over follwed by a surreal mexican wave of Karzi's until the very last one flopped over, the door flew open and Bill Oddie with Keks around ankles shot 10 foot in the air..........

Laugh..I nearly extended!
Half the fun of going to the RASS at Bad Lippspringer each year was to see who got tipped.

If it does become an olympic sport could be interesting telly. :D
Had a flash flood and freak winds last year in the sand pit. Loads of the porta loos went over, one of which contained a polish bloke who clambered out covered in all sorts. Best laugh i've had in years. Quality

When I was younger and more foolish, I tipped a couple of thunderboxes with Medheads (Military Police) inside. :evil:

Now, older and more cynical, I just use a flashbang instead :twisted:


First time I ever saw 'Turdis's' deployed in the field was on Bold Grouse in Denmark in 1987. During Queen Margarethe's visit to HQ UKMF, the Sig Sqn chunky sgt decided to sneak off for a quick dump, and while evacuating his bowels his Turdis managed to tip over, landing on its door. Thus as Her Madge was taken off for tea and biccies with the Comd, she walked past a a Turdis in the prone position, from which was emanating a lot of thumping, incoherent swearing and a nasty slick of 'jobby water', slowly spreading across the hard standing. The stench when he was extracted, after about fifteen minutes steeping in shite, p1ss, compo bog roll and chemicals was literally unbelievable; and he was also partially dyed blue as a form of 'mark of Cain'. Of course, we were all very sympathetic. :D
The old "thunder boxes" were much better for "poo ambushes" than these new fangled portapotties.
i've seen many a bloke going with a face like a hunted animal , only to be pinged with his roll of comfy bum under his arm , and the predatory pack would rouse from their slumber , in the shade of a tree , and begin to encircle the quarry .
stealth was the key , as it had been known for the ambush party to themselves fall victim to a well aimed jobbie over the top of the door , but if all was well , a ratchet strap could be slung around to prevent escape , and as several thunderflashes were thrown into the exposed edges of the pit , and started their fizzing "countdown to armageddon" the pathetic pleading and whining of the victim could be heard from within , followed generally by an unsuccesful attempt to block the hole of doom with a helmet .
as the moment of impact approached the pleading would get more physically threatening , and the words would blend together in a incomprehensible gabble of panic
"youfugginbastardsimgonnafugginkillyaletmeoutyapricksissnotfunyycomeonladspleeeeeeeeeeeeBOOOOOOOOOOOM....se....you c-unts. :D
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