Portable hard drive problems

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by drain_sniffer, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Help please......

    My portable hard drive, with a lot of work on it, cannot be accessed because of an "I/O" error? It shows up under my computer but I just cant get into it. Is there any way I can recover the data from it or is it well and truly FUBAR
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    If it's the hard disk itself, then you might be buggered. If it's the enclosure its in (which contains all the power supplies, USB interface and all that), then you should be OK.

    If it's no longer under warranty, get it stripped apart. Remove the hard disk itself, and then either plug it into your desktop as a second (slave) drive, or buy a hard drive caddy from ebay for about a tenner and put it in that.

    If it's the drive itself, your only option is to see if a specialist can recover the data, which could be pricy.
  3. Try this too; might just be windows playing silly buggers.
  4. Tried looking at that but it must be for xp, as there doesn't appear to be an advanced properties tab in vista...or am I being thick
  5. That may be the plan but...

    1. I wouldnt have a clue about plugging it in as a slave or whatever
    2. Is there any particular size caddy thingy to get?
  6. This one looks like it's for Vista. Failing that just google "I/O error vista" and a few should come up.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Then you need someone who does! It depends if the connection is IDE/SATA/SATA2, etc Also depends on the size of the drive (2.5 or 3.5 inch). Most are IDE.

    See above. Standard hard drives (as fitted to desktops) are 3.5 inches, laptop hard drives are a slimline 2.5 inches.
  8. It depends what the drive is. If you want to PM me a make and model, I'll try and help you out.
  9. plug it into a different computer and see if that helps
  10. tried that....and no.Its a freecom 250GB Classic HD if that's any help
  11. run chkdsk on it

    Click the windows button, then in the "Start Search" box type cmd

    then type chkdsk (drive letter):/f
  12. Probably get kicked for this but hey ho has worked for me.. :D

    I have a number of external drives which have at one time or another decided to pack in. I have a programme and it recovers from formatted hard drives so whenever my drives get naughty, which is not often, I format it and then do a recovery. The main problem is always I/O errors and under normal circumstances I cannot access the drive but after formatting and then using the programme I have been able to recover 99.9% of the drive. My system is Vista and all my drives are NTFS. Anyone wat the programme give me a shout.

  13. Drain_Sniffer, did you get the email with the programme and what was the outcome with the drive?

  14. Got the email thanks Jim. Run the programme but it stalls at 25% every time.......
  15. DS, is that the format of the drive or the programme which stop at 25%?