Portable DVD players

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know where to buy a resonably priced one for about £100 ish, preferably not a matsui- r- us type one?
  2. Ebay, comet, currys but Ebay is probably the best on price. Check postage as it can be a rip off and use paypal.
  3. I had a quick look on ebay, there seem a lot of hong kong postage charges on there, I was looking more for a online electrical store, ive tried using kelkoo and pricerunner, but nothing I would call a bargain on there, as for currys or comet i would rather let gypsies service my car.
  4. ebuyer is cheap. bought my 32 " LCD from there. HD ready and 540 quid! Just bought a 20Gb Creative Zen Micro for 150 quid too. I have heard the odd bad story, but have used them half a doz times with no probs

  5. Try www firebox----SHINCO,--7" player £100.Great reviews(they make a lot for brand names)Had one for 2yrs,no problems, and plays all.Could also try TOYS ARE US-10",£150,not as high quality,but does the biz(got one)
  6. If you are going abroad, it's worth looking for a multi-region one. Amazon do them I know (probably not the cheapest though).
  7. Can confirm re Shinco 7" from Firebox. Good kit.
  8. Woolworths

    eriously, I got a cheap one there (Venture make??) and its spot on

    On buying them be aware on what you want, 2 things to think of, Screen size (you need to view a film before you can decide if its big enough) and ancillalries, mine came with complete car kit, not all do
  9. i got mine from tescos about 100 quid came with car kit normal charger a little remote and a carry case that easily fits in my day sack one of my better investments
  10. If usisng Ebay, use the sort criterea on the left of the screen cos you can weed out a lot of the crap from china / HK etc, and get UK only. It is worth it as i have narrowed the searches down to within 20 miles of my pit space and had the odd succcess
  11. Don't want to hijack this thread but interested in your thoughts on the Creative Zen Micro. Could you please PM me with comments or post a link to reviews you may have used in selecting this rather than an iPod etc. Many thanks
  12. I dont see why we shouldnt have a boys toys and gadgets thread.