Port Talbot council to offer free gym to soldiers on leave

Don't think I've seen this posted yet:

Troops leisure concessions call

Cllr Taylor said he had no military background himself but through his duties as last year's mayor had met many serving personnel.

He said some had told him that on returning to the UK they felt the sacrifices being made were not being appreciated.

"Whatever you think of the wars these people are there fighting, they are doing their job and they are serving their country," said Cllr Taylor.
Not much, but it's nice to see anyway.
usmarox said:
Not much, but it's nice to see anyway.
Not much?

Sweat saves blood.

A damned sight more than you'll get from any of the other devious, unscrupulous local councils or the central government.

Bloody well done Councillor Taylor and Port Talbot.

I anticipate that Councillor Taylor will suffer criticism for the costs and his initiative will be quietly reversed within a year or two.

Please note whichever clueless parasite of a Minister it was who proposed charging soldiers for the use of gymnasia.


His career depends on imposing such charges.
Well done councillor Taylor and take note other councils.

How about extending the gesture to serving members of the TA too...after all, one army and all that!

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