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Im new to this site so be gentle.. Im currently in the process of goin through the recruitment stage for joining the rlc. At the moment i seemed to be leaning towards port op. I hear that everyone seems to think the AT & petrol op appear to the best 2.. I dont have the qualifications for AT, so im thinking port op where i can get all my licences.. also thinkin about after the army..

Can anyone tell me what the port op life is like down in marchoood..ie.. good place to be (soton) , good travel, promotion wise... stuff like that

Port Ops are down the road from us, they get Southampton....we get Bournemouth!!!! So that answers your location question.
As for promotion, Pet Ops is good but then its how you conduct yourself that gets you promoted. I suppose we are as good as any!
As for "after Army career", well im not qualified for working on Oil Rigs and i cant walk into a high powered job with Shell/Esso etc but if you do your time and get on as many courses as you can, you may get a good civvy qual course under your belt which doesnt always have anything to do with your trade.
Im going towards Pollution at the moment and have done some good civvy accredited courses which mayput me in good light later on.
Dont worry too much about getting your licences...everyone gets at least truck nowadays. And i have motorbike, container mover and fuel tanker licences. You can get the "nice" licences in most trades. Not sure about jobs after being a Port Op, i suppose there are Ports everywhere but would you want to do the same as what you have been doing for the last 22yrs?
The port Op job is nails. Those poor beggers work their arses off. When we went to load the boats for Kosovo the port op would guide you on and help secure the vehicles. They work all year round in the open and always looked dirty to me due to the smoke and grease from the engines. They work unsocialble hours as and always on standby as units will have turn up at short notice.

Whatever you want to do in the Army make sure you will still enjoy it after about five years. The trade is most important...make sure its worth something when you leave. Remember that if you leave the Army and start a new job you will need to be retrained and you will start at the bottom again.
Cheers for the reply

Its good to hear opinions about the job. All i have to go on is the job description they give on the army site, so i appreciate all the feedback.. As i posted earlier i dont have the qualifications for AT so if anyone could recommend any others that would be great.
I think one of the main drawbacks of being a port op, is that unless you are lucky (and except for the op tours), you'll be pretty much stuck in Marchwood for your 22 years. Unless of course you opt to go to a driver unit for a posting or two. However, if I were you I would have a look at Seaman/Navigator. Much better job, better pay and better prospects for promotion.

Anyway, goodluck in whatever you do.

Port Op is a good trade, yes they work hard long and unsocialbe hours at time, but they also enjoy themselves. True Marchwood is pretty much your main home for 22 years but you will get the opportunity to do two year tours of Cyprus, instrutor jobs at Deepcut or Pirbright, take on the commando cse if that takes your fancy, all of which give you a break from Marchwood. The trade is also growing so chances of promotion are improving you will still have to be good it is not automatic and with a small trade you can quickly work out where you sit in the pecking order. The same pretty much applies to the Seaman/Navigator trade, another good buch that work hard and often unsung supporting the commnados on exercises.

The time I spent at Marchwood was the best in my career and I hope top return at some point. Hope this helps in your choices, whatever you choose good luck.
Off topic but does anyone looking in know if 17 Sport And Pastime are holding any re-unions in the near future?
Not heard anything, but the bloke that was involved in organising the last one is going back their soon. I suspect that in his tenure he will want another party!!
floppyjocky said:
Off topic but does anyone looking in know if 17 Sport And Pastime are holding any re-unions in the near future?
I hear rumours of something happening about 1 Sep, may be worth checking out. :fish:
To those that are intrested in a Port and Maritime Regt Reunion. I know that there isn't one planned for the near future. The one in Sept is a 460 Port Troop reunion, which is being held in the Sgt Mess on Sat 02 Sept. It is opened to Cpl and above that served in the troop when it was RCT. We will also have members from the small boats attending
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