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Discussion in 'RLC' started by masher69, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. is this trade any good?
  2. Interesting that there is alwyas a queue to change trades to it then.
  3. thats only beause of the bounty
  4. Have you ever been a port op? As for the BOUNTY, you don't get one for becoming a port op.
  5. Port Op is a great trade

    was for 14 years
  6. Port op?
    Boat mover type thingy?
    Gods trade then
  7. Have worked with them To be polite it wasnt the best time of my career.
    If you can complain about not being in a hotel and then demand five meals a day cos you happen to work past six at night you will fit right in
  8. No - it's only slightly higher in useful skill than being a chunky!
  9. It cant be that bad, can it?
  10. OBVIOUSLY you mistake us hard working chaps for MOVERS!!!!
  11. Depends on what you expect from the trade to be fair..

    If you want to spend the rest of your career living on the southcoast, miles from anywhere, then you'll be fine on that score.

    If you want to gain the majority of your driving licenses and MHE operators licenses then your alright there too.

    Aside from Marchwood, you might get lucky and find youself posted to Cyprus, if your less lucky, theres the Falklands for 6 months at a time.

    The Port ops seem to spend an inordinate amount of time away, with detachments of at least 6 men deploying with the RFA ships whenever they are needed. Port ops are extremely well travelled, well, I mean that in so far as they load ships here at the SMC, then fly out to meet the same ship in whichever god forsaken sandpit its heading too, where they spend a few days/weeks unloading and reloading said ship before returning to the SMC to unload all that kit again.

    I should say, I'm not a Port Op, so I might be missing something...but I wouldn't choose to transfer to it, even though it does seem quite popular with transferees at the moment..
  12. They are a good bunch of lads with a work hard play very hard mentality.

    Guy I joined up with ended up doing 13 tours in the Falklands though. Mind you I had a blast both times I was there.

    Never met a decent port op that didn't like the job. Met a few Knobs who didn't (draw your own conclusions there)

    And no I have never been to Marchwood and I am not a port op.

  13. I've read with interest the comments made about the Port Op trade by people who not only have never been one but also who have never worked or been to Marchwood to see what the trade does. Some of the comments are spot on.. No we don't have a lot of choice to be posted but I can assure you a basic port op will see more of the world..not just the quay side than most trades in the RLC. HOTELS.. chance would be a fine thing like the lad said you are mistaking us for our mover friends.. Being posted miles from anywhere sorry but that a load of sh*t. Yes we do get the opportunity to spend time in the Falklands if we want.. I know WOs who have gone through their whole career at Marchwood and managed one if not no tours of FI.
    As for being slightly higher than a chunky.. you again probably haven't worked with our chuncky friends. What you need to do mate is get off your arse and see what these trades do in the Corps. What trade are you?
    The trade is a hard working trade that do their Corps buisness every day of the week not only that the Regt is carrying out it second role and doing a driver unit role in Afgan this year.. not bad for a bunch of inbred thick twats eh.