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Discussion in 'RLC' started by the_monk, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. I'll be joining up at the end of the year, would be sooner but the misses is pregnant and i want to be here for the birth etc,

    I was going to join as a driver as i want to get all the licences for when i retire back to being a civvie.

    I have been told that Port Op's also get all the licences and also you can get boat licences too and i would spend more time in the UK which would suit me as ill have a young sprog who i dont want to be away from for months at a time.

    Any info on the Port Op job will be greatly appreciated

  2. If you are so concerned about " staying home "then can I SUGGEST YOU GET A JOB AT YOUR LOCAL BANK ,TESCO,or HOMEBASE !!!

    You are NOT what the Army needs it's not a 9 till 5 job and I guarentee that within a year you will be an admin nightmare .

    Your concern for family is commendable but this is the British Army NOT the SALVATION ARMY !!

    warfare not welfare !!!
  3. As a port op you will work out of marchwood, but you also end up going where ever the army is. That could be on ex or op's you could find your self all over the place.
  4. I understand that i will have to spend time away, however im told that some trades spend more time away than others and that port ops spend quite alot of time here in the UK, i dont want a 9-5 job at tescos but thanks for the suggestion ill keep a note incase i change my mind.

    So as i said in my original post, any info on the Port OP's job would be greatly appreciated
  5. the_monk

    Your a thrapper. You join the Army as a way of life not a job. Your a civvie with a girl up the duff. You fancy a nice posting @ Marchwood. You will be an admin nightmare. we need go getters who adore dets overseas as young singletons. Try B&Q as a Turf Op. In the firm we put the greater good of the objective and the crown before ourselves and always ask "What was my contribution". Your AFCO should $hitcan you. You are clearly cargo & baggage.
  6. 1) dont know what a "thrapper" is but i doubt its of any praise.
    2)Why will i be an admin nightmare?? if you say this because you believe ill cause problems when i have to go away from home then you are wrong sir.
    3)Why am i "cargo and baggage", I'm not some slacker that wants an easy ride, please dont judge me because i stated (not in these exact words)that i want to spend as much time as i can with my wife and young child, it does not mean that i will start causing problems when I'm away.

    Again i ask, any info on the Port Op job will be greatly appreciated.
  7. looks like these guys have got ur number HA HA HA
  8. You haven't even joined and you are thinking about getting out!!
  9. can I ask a question to our young friend?
    Are you originally from our great shores? (no pun intended) Or from overseas?
  10. Respect to gunfighter you is right dude
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  11. Monk, unfortuneatly you have used the wrong words to intro yourself. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    If you join any trade, you can expect a large amount of time away. During basic you can immediatly expect 12 weeks where there will be no time for you to pop back and see the mrs.

    During trade training ditto. There are two options (I think you want somewhere in UK that is stable for you and the family) so you could either go to Marchwood or Lyneham for Air Despatch. Once at either you are unlikely to move.

    You will however spend lots of time away. There is no getting away from that.

    One thing you can take away from this thead, however, is you now know what your reception is like if you start mincing about. If you become someone who shirks his responsiblities, such as a weekend guardduty (you will get them), so you can pop off and spend quality time with the bairn you will soon be pinged.

    As has been said above. Think carefully before you make the choice to join up or not. It could swing the other way and you end up leaving your mrs and nipper for a life in green.
  12. Monk,
    As a current Port Op at the higher scale of the rank structure let me fill you in at first hand.
    Since becoming a port op 19years ago I am yet to spend a full year at home.
    Yes we do stay at Marchwood for the duration of our time in the army, well your family will you certainly won't.
    As for driving boat that is a load of crap. Port op is someone who loads the ships, you will get licences and you will also get trained on plant machines.
    Mate if you require anymore info on the trade give me a shout