Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Daleo2981, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi could anyone please tell me if a Port-Op works like a 9-5 job or is it all hours? Do you get weekend's off etc... I used to be a Driver 10 years ago and that was normal hours with weekend's off. It's just now im single with a young son so looking for something where im still going to be able to see him at weekends etc.

  2. Stop crayoning across the site you never served halfwit
  3. Nah couldnt be arsed with the TA. We had them in Iraq and they always got the shit jobs.
  4. He claims to have served then asks if he can have the weekends off.
  5. Must be RAF.
  6. I was a driver we got weekend's off, but i've heard Port-Op's work all hours as it just depends when ships need loaded/unloaded etc. I don't want to join up and not be able to get home every now and then to see my son. That's why i asked the question...
  7. Fucking hell mate, you need to sort your attitude out. Your last two posts have reeked of "me me me".

    As a reminder, you serve in the Army, the Army does not serve you. The chain of command will try and accomodate your wishes, but the needs of the Army will always come first.

    You don't like that, you don't rejoin.
  8. If you were in before, you wouldn't need to ask the question.
  9. Why do you think they are nicknamed Sport & Pastime?

    Working week;

    Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri 0800 - 1600, Lunch 1200 - 1300

    Wed - 0800 - 1200 (Sports afternoon)

    Weekends by arrangement.

    Train service provided to the port head (non of this silly marching around), definitely no saluting after 0800 parade... it's a working regiment after all (ha ha ha).
  10. I can! Yes, you are.
  11. Sensible answer, when the ships in you work all hours within safety requirements, having served on tour with 460 Port troop in FI a good bunch of lads. Army and work commitments come first so you had quite a few good replies that you just dismissed so I would take a good look at your attitude first then wonder why this ended up in the HOLE. TA a plausible option because if you was a Driver for ten years as you said then you are approaching upper age limit and with a bin lid about then I would look at that route.

    PrinceAlbert well done on passing your 10 metre swim but I would recheck your answer for the Numeracy, your perfect for your job choice though mate.