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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Mighty_Blighty, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I am currently sausage side, and need to forward a couple of ports on my router (speedport 500v), to enable faster uploading on a p2p site, but when you put the internal IP in to change the settings, its all in Kraut.

    Can anyone offer any advice on how to do this in German. I have tried portforward.com software but my router doesn't apear on their list.

    Can anyone offer usefull advice, other than learn german!

  2. You could try changing the firmware of the router for an english version and setting up again. Theres firmware available here, however i'm not sure whether its German or English. Good site to start with though. Not sure if this router has been sold in the UK, looks like the default DT giveaway with their broadband service, so good luck in your quest.

    There are easier ways to speed up your pornography sharing than port forwarding using a kraut router!!!
  3. If your really stuck try this.

    Your router setup should be on a HTML page viewed in explorer.

    So open it up and press CTRL + a (select all) this will highlight all the text.

    The go to http://world.altavista.com/ right click in the window and select paste. You may need to go over it and delete any html tags such as buttons etc but once done select German to English and translate.

    That should give you a rough idea what it says.

    Good Luck
  4. Found some port forwarding advice for your modem here. It has some translations for the commands etc.
  5. If it is one of those free cheapie router/modems supplied by some ISPs in Germany they are made purely for the German market and will have no English firmware.

    I suggest you dip into you LOA and buy a D-Link or Linksys from your local Telco or computer shop (you could even get the tax off....)
  6. Thats a good point, you can change the language of my D-Link in the setup page, and it terminates 8mbps quite successfully for a cheapo (i'll recommend this to the Corps instead of Reacher!!!).

    I've just spent 20 minutes in the company of google, and havent been able to find an english manual. I have found loads of forums of Brits and Yanks living in Das Fatherland who cant configure their routers!!!
  7. Welcome to my world! Thanks anyway gents - i'll just upload slowly - no great shakes.

    Edited to add - I've done it !!!

    It's been emotional - if you come accross anyone else who needs to do it get them to PM me.

  8. Erm, no.
  9. Port Forwarding - isnt that what you do at the dinner table on mess dos after youve filled your glass
  10. Not even a laugh mmm - u guys must be wierd - anyway my advice is stay away from changing your port forwarding settings and go back to the default settings otherwise it will bite u in the ass later