Port Fines

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Old Bastard, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Several good-humoured port fines from the Big Man at a function recently but some were from other warrants and a staff sergeant - is there a code on this or can any more-senior seniors impose port fines on a whim?
  2. I thought it was only Mr. Vice who could levy Port fines??
  3. Having sat through a joint (officers and seniors) dinner recently. My impression was that 'port fines' were the last bastion of initiation ceremonies and overtly sanctioned bullying.
  4. Mr vice is the newest member of the mess and is likely to be given the cabbage first if he tried to impose port fines!

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  5. The 'offences' I witnessed were much more random than that and seemed to lack any relationship to any failing by the young Sgts being picked on.
  6. Auld-Yin

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    My understanding, albeit from quite a long time ago, is the RSM (or senior member dining) is the only source of "port fines". Also that they should be given in good humour and received as such. If the matter is more serious than that then it steps into the disciplinary route of extras and 'pleasant' chats with the RSM at a later date!

    Although there are many, especially on ARRSE, who don't believe this, but Mess life was meant to be enjoyable!
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  7. Absolute. from my experience the RSM would nominate the fines and the PMC would read them out. Life in the mess could be enjoyable provided that the main men were sensible. I had times when PMCs let it go to their heads with the result that they wound up drinking in the bar on their own. Also I've seen RSMs get pissed and enjoy having their lickarse sycophants butter them up. Most of the time the seniors acted with dignity and if they didn't it was their peers who had a quiet word.
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