Port back en vogue

I can vouch that it's still popular with students as well. :D
Well I'm responsible for about 1 million bottles - wonderful drink especially with cornish wafers and stilton :wink:
Yep, blame the stilton and cream crackers on my addiction of the stuff!!!
Try it with Blue WKD tastes like vimto and gets you ratted PDQ.

I don't recommend using the last bottle of '63 for it though!
I don't think I've ever had any. Although you never know.

On that note... Madeira?
My first experience was being made to drink a pint of the red loveliness, in one, by the now RSM of 3 AAC, made me feel like a tramp that had found a 50 pound note :D

Since that day, I reckon that I have kept at least 30 Portugese men in full time employment
White Port is quite drinkable chilled in the summer or as an apperitif I prefer it to sherry. Less "colour" also seems to make for a more sufferable hangover.
I've always liked Port.... Red or White, and it took a Dane to put me on the road to White Port :?

He offered me a white port and to take the piss I said yes...... what a stroke of luck :)
Just tried my first bottle of Madeira, (Blandy's Rich) the other week. Very nice it was too. Funnily enough, on that report from the beeb, the picture at the top is a bottle of Fonseca which is just about to go in to my decanter. Tried most of the rest, Dow's 20 Yr old is a favourite though. :D
What is the best easy-drinking variety? Not expensive vintage stuff but reasonably priced.
Dow's LBV, (Late Bottled Vintage), it's not a true vintage but still very drinkable and not too expensive or Dow's Midnight Port, just got two bottles for £9 from Summerfield recently. There's also plenty to choose from Graham's, Warre's and Taylor's. I wouldn't bother with proper vintage until you get a decanter.
Got a decanter, (well several actually no -one ever throws anything away here, it just goes down the cellar ) just don't have the wedge for decent stuff. Tanners of Shrewsbury do some decent own label stuff very reasonably. It's certainly better than the Cockburns "Fine Ruby" that my Uni bar does.
What a about Tawny?
Australian Shiraz? Quite nice for plonk, but by definition NOT PORT :roll: .
Civilian_In_Green said:
What about White Port?
Absolutly lovely can not get enough of the stuff
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