Port as a Christening Present

Ok - tried a search and nothing.

I have just been asked to become godfather to a good mate's son. I want to give him a case of port that can, ideally, be laid down by the company until he turns 18. My godfather did this for me but I have no idea where to start looking for a company that offers this facility.

I have tried a basic internet search as well as Laithwaites and the usual suppliers. Any help / Ideas


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The latest current declared vintage is 2007.

Unfortunately for you it is going to be an all time classic (along with '03) and clocks in at 98/100.

Current prices are circa £50 per bottle. Go for the best houses that you can afford, ie Warre, Graham, Taylor etc.

As for where to get it; look for a good regional vintner such as Adnams, Averys.

You might also want to consider storage unless your Godson's father has a pretty good cellaring arrangement already. Any of the decent merchants will be able to offer this.

Buy the latest copy of Decanter Magazine, which will list most of the better merchants worth approaching.
Thanks Gremlin. He is forces like me and I am currently abroad so I think that a call to Messrs Berry Brothers and Rudd is probably in order.

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Slightly different aspect of the same problem, if you wouldn't mind advising, arrsers.

My offspring will be 21 in two months' time. At that point he will be able to open and drink the bottle of Vieux Chateau Certan Pomerol 1989 which I have been looking after for a number of years.

My questions: How soon before drinking should I open the bottle? Into what should I decant it (presumably there will be significant sediment)? Should we drink it by itself or what would you recommend I cook with it?

The responsibility is weighing heavily on my shoulders!
My brother tried this and when his godson turned out to be a total tosser we pulled it from the wine merchant's cellars an drank it ourselves:-D
My father bought my brother a "pipe" of port in 1957 when he was born. A pipe is 48 cases. When by big bro turned 21 in 1978, there were three bottles left...apparently most of them were drunk in 1959 and 1961, when my sister and I were born! Of the three surviving bottles, one was drunk by my father and brother, one was drunk by my brother on his own and the third which was being kept for some unspecified special occasion got "lost" by some removal men.

I'd buy the lad a premium bond myself...
Just as a follow up. Messrs BB & R were excellent. I phoned them from deepest darkest Puglia in Italy and within about 20 mins it was all sorted. 1 case in storage all paid for for the next 10 years (Might need to exchange depending upon how it ages). They invoice both me and the nipper. Thanks for all the advice. Ops Offr.
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