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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Sapukay, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    What's the role of Port and Maritime Regiments? What do the TA P&M do?
  2. I'll give you a clue.. There nickname is sports and past-times regiment.....IE probably not a lot of work going on..

  3. Port and Maritime are wannabe matelots who know a good thing when they see it!!!
  4. What about the structure? How do trade ranks work? (i.e. is rank dependent on trade) etc.?
  5. Having served there and completed little in the way of sports and pastimes...

    Trades are:

    Marine Engineer.
    Port Operator.

    Promotion is a little bit deadman's shoes as the trades are small in size. You used to spend alot of time away on ex - upto 6 mths a year in Norway or in the Med. To reply to Matelot - did a demo at Poole once and an Admiral asked what rank commanded one of my Ramped Craft Logistics - I said Sgt/SSgt - he said the Navy would put in at least a Lt.
  6. If you do get posted there make sure you dont leave your wife alone in a room with the RSM!!!

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  7. You just said you organise it yourself on the other thread.

    Consistancy. It's not difficult!

    Posted there 83-87.......yes it was

    Posted again 98-2000......no it feckin well wasn't! :x
  9. Eh? He's talking b0llocks. Maybe for a HMS but not a Landing Craft/RCL. The booties don't have officers in charge of their Landing Crafts. Yes, the Navy does like to have commissioned ranks in charge but we all know who actually runs the fecking grey war canoe!!!!!
  10. They used to have some fantastic postings back in the fading days of empire. Belize, HK and others. I worked with them in Belize and they were a cracking bunch. The minute they pulled out of Customs House Wharfe the beer was opened!


    If I remember correctly the maritime element of the RLC is expanding under FAS.
  11. Do you know you have a big hole at the front of your boat?

    What was it an ice-berg?
  12. Matelot,

    I said IF the navy had an RCL they would put on a Lt. I was there - thats what he said.