Porsche challenges Congestion charge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. "Luxury carmaker Porsche is to challenge plans to increase London's congestion charge to £25-a-day for some vehicles.
    The firm said it intended to ask for a judicial review into the price changes, which come into force in October.

    Porsche says the new rules, which affect the highest polluting vehicles, are "disproportionate" and will not decrease emissions in central London."


    Will they win? No matter for Ken baiting is good sport indeed.
  2. Hope they win, invention of the Devil himself.
    Coming to a city near you soon, just being introduced in Stockholm, plans to introduce it into Helsinki, only the sly SoBs are putting it on the Helsinki ring roads, why might that be, maybe cause the traffic isn't in the centre of town.
    Just another money making exercise by the powers that be, Helsinki calculates 100 million Euros a year income, that wee town only has a pop of about 400,000, hate to think how much of a moneymaker Londons charges will be, no wonder they all have their fingers in the kitty, it's enough to tempt a saint.
  3. Ah yes, but at least Ken is using the CC money to keep London transport ticket prices so 'reasonable' :pissedoff: