Porsche and VW shares

"This is without question the biggest single loss on a single stock in the history of hedge funds. It's a bloodbath," Laurie Pinto, a broker at North Square Capital, said.

Other shareholders in VW rounded on Porsche, saying that it had manipulated VW shares in an irresponsible manner. Porsche vehemently rejected the accusation of share-price manipulation"


Once upon a time there was a mostly family run car company that found that short sellers were playing with the stock in one of their holdings. And kept doing it.

But throughout this the family stood firm, buying stock when they could (possibly through options and arrangements with others so the short sellers could not see what the true position was) until one day when it turned out they owned almost all of the company and the short sellers were in a real mess. Ho ho, cried the Press, evil short sellers get what they deserve!

Sounds very familiar? Well that was 1920, the New York Stock Exchange and the Stutz Motor Company, controlled by Alan Aloysius Ryan and his family. And it did not end well for Stutz or Ryan himself.

Once upon a time there was this Austrian guy with a silly moustache, who along with his backers, started a car company to bulk up the economy. In order to get it going, they promised all the workers shares in the embryonic company. Sadly, a little unpleasantness, called WW2 intervened, and prevented most of those workers from picking anything at all up, through terminal combat tirednesss, or death syndrome as it is known to doctors. Mr Ferdinand Porsche, however, was a canny chap and managed to keep his head down, even when the nooses were flying, probably never had a wash, but managed to get clean away with a great deal. He couldn't even say thanks to his Austrian pal. How deplorable.

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