Porridge (the Fletch one!)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ubique66, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Just been watching the classic series and I wondered if anyone knows which medals Mr McKay has? Obviously I recognise one of them but the other 2?
  2. Saying that, its always intrigued me as well!
  3. Korea
  4. Cos I am curious Jarrod
  5. mr mc kay was,nt a real person, just thought i,d let you know
  6. Damn! does that mean he is a Walt? Wrong thread again!
  7. Well FULTON MacKay was a real person and served in the Black Watch.
  8. oh really, how interesting.
  9. Bastard I thoufght this was a thread about feltching :cry:
  10. As Jarrod was until he discovered that he absofuckinglutely adored the veiny treat. He's a hermo you know.
  11. NO! he kept that quiet and never once mentioned it..... :eek:
  12. Uurhhghh you put willie's in your mouth.

    Dirty hermo.
  13. Now that, is a bite!
  14. Please stop replying. You're making me cough up bile.