Porridge Gun

Both are handsome, broad of shoulders, generous in length, girth and gifted in the helmet department (piccies available on request)

MDN however had a mildly childish streak and inadvertently said that homosexuals should end the gay pride march at Auschwitz. I personally don't share these ridiculous ideas and think MDN was a cnut for putting those thoughts in type.

Treblinka was much closer.


Anything you have to say is completely negated by the fact that I keep staring into the eyes of that peedo eewok. The bloody thing's even got a trailer trash overbite.
Just saw that myself. Creepy looking little fucker. Wonder if he has any werthers in his pocket?


Book Reviewer
Am I missing something here?I thought they were one and the same?
Silly boy. MDN stank of shite since his leisure hours were spent sticking his head up a bag of Gypsy bottoms.

Porridge Gun is a poet, a wit, a well dressed man about town, hung like a fucking donkey and able to hold his own in discussion about the Turner Prize. And Lady Ga-Ga. Do you think I appoint fools to be my Moderators?

Apart from the MDN thing. Obviously. But we have all moved on from there.
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