porky instructors!

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by robber25, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. I have noticed of late that the BMI of some ACF instructors 'seen' out and about is on the other side of healthy!
    Is this a good example to set for the young?

    Or am I talking Gash?

  2. Depends, my prevailing thoughts when I see a spritely, spindly ACF instructor is that they evidently make full use of their one bedroomed council flat by spending all weekend snapping up cheap vodka then energetically banging the arrse's of drunk, impressionable young males whilst the "Preobajensky" plays in the background ....
  3. It's a youth club.... would you say the same about the multitude of people who work in the other youth groups?

    They are also doing a worthwhile job, but please feel free to abuse them.
  4. Cheer up, victims of their own press !! :D

    If your at a loose end this weekend come meet us down at Camber Sands x x

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  5. Still. It isn't good from a PR perspective when you see fat cunts in uniform.
  6. Am I missing the plot? What do rotund ACF Instructors have to do with a scene from William Golding's the Lord of the Flies?
  7. i think AI are being compared to piggy.
  8. Nutter excellent deduction my friend, I think I'll start reading Sherlock Holmes instead! :D :D
  9. I couldn't agree more I think there should be some form of fitness test for ACF /CCF instructors..... Lets face it how is Sgt Fat Cnut going to be able to be of any use should one of his charges injure themselves and require some sort of physical exercise to get them moved or to go for help.
    I personally wouldn't want my kids placed in the charge of someone who couldn't run a bath let alone a couple of miles.
  10. Most of the instructors I meet are physically up to it. You do get the odd few who look like a winch would be needed to get them out of bed though and you wonder why they would join an outdoor focussed organisation like the ACF.

    Im not a prime example of physical fitness but I am capable of doing anything I ask cadet to do.
  11. So you can easily accomodate a never-served, middle aged man, wearing Lowa's latest footwear, a para smock and faded junglies in your back eye after lights out?
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  12. i just think that young fit cadets want to get out and run about at the weekend. the 2 problems here be that:

    • FB instructors can't keep up with the cadets and thus the cadets can't reach their full potential for running around all weekend
    • the instructors don't 'lead', they tell and then watch

    instructors who want to wear ranks of leadership should understand the principles of leadership extend beyond their TAMS folder (which they claim to have got off a mate in the regs but actually paid £20 for) and they should not just equal the cadets but set a target for cadets to aim at

    the image of those wearing the latest shiny lowas or altbergs, faded para smocks and dumbass hats is spot on. another example of the lack of understanding of actual leadership. where is the sense of a poor cadet shivering in a hole in their jungle bag 'cos the det doesn't have any winter ones, whilst instructor is laughing on their camp bed in their Softie 12 and their jetboil making them a nice cup of tea.

    fcuk me I thought I'd seen gucci kit when I walked into silvermans, but the ACF opens up a whole new world of the ratio between how much gucci kit you can own and how little you need it!

    not just an aimless crack at the ACF but more a crack at how instructors just don't seem to understand that requirements of the ACF properly.
  13. I am one of those cat funts in uniform, I still hill walk with the cadets and civi groups, I can run a few miles and i can drink beer as well, I might be in the bigger end of 38" waist but i have the ex squaddie attitude of shut off brain, no pain, crack on to the finish.

    I'm happy, the cadets are happy, Job Done as far as I'm concerned !!!!

  14. :jocolor:


  15. mate I think you sound far from the intended butt of these jokes !