Pork found in Halal Burgers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Pork Found In Halal Lamb Burgers In Schools of pork have been found in Halal lamb burgers served in schools in Leicester. The city council said the products have been removed from premises in the city. DNA tests were made on a sample from a batch of frozen burgers manufactured by Doncaster-based Paragon Quality Foods Limited in January. Assistant Mayor Councillor Vi Dempster said: "I am appalled by this situation. It is disgraceful that none of us can have confidence in the food we eat." Halal products are used in 24 schools in Leicester but the lamb burger is the only food supplied by the company. The Food Standards Agency and Doncaster Council are now investigating how and where the pork got into the meat.More follows...Also apart from the give us money brigade it is not a sin haram - Is it a sin to consume pork without knowing? - Islam Stack Exchange
  2. Quote - 'Assistant Mayor Councillor Vi Dempster said: "I am appalled by this situation. It is disgraceful that none of us can have confidence in the food we eat." end quote.

    Hmmm. Dempster isn't a noticeably moslem or islamic name, so why should she be 'appalled', even though she has admitted that she- too, eats the stuff? Mildly concerned, I would have thought, but then, where our peace-loving brethren of the mohammedan pursuasion are concerned, I guess that only superlatives actually count for f*ck-all.

    Says a lot about the area to me - FFS, 24schools use halal products. NOT the locale for a nice Jewish boy like me, then.

  3. One part of me says so what, they are still alive and have been eating it for months I expect. The other part of me thinks thank **** I am a veggie these days and I don't have to worry about such shite.
  4. It is a sin that consumers are paying for one thing and getting another and that quality control seems to be a thing of the past in a globalised economy. However, the fact that compulsive/obsessive dietary laws based upon religious superstition have been breached is something that fills me with supreme indifference.

    I can respect the personal moral stance taken by vegetarians and vegans, or even those who don't eat something simply because they don't like it, but halal and kosher with all its exceptions, ritualised slaughter methods and associated rites and religious mumbo-jumbo just leaves me cold.
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  5. Get over it, we found horsemeat in beefburgers. No big drama. Probably do them good and a taste of pig as it should be. I've eaten halal meat without being notified in advance did i see fit to complain? ... did I fck. These toerags need to get real, they've probably been eating it for years just as we've been eating horse.
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  6. Why do they need to investigate?

    Pork got in there the same fecking way horsemeat got into supposedly beef products.

    Don't see how they can prosecute though without going after all of them. Unless the Islamic community deserves special privilege?

    I would have preferred Leicester council to keep quiet until such time as they had completed the investigation. Clearly now they are opening the gates for compensation.
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  7. Could be worse. Could have been a nice chunk of good old English bacon.
  8. Should have stuck to good old fashioned horse burgers.
  9. Daily Mash has already solved the problem with the Horse meat problem, I'm sure they can adjust it for pork, to keep everyone happy.

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  10. Does halal meat ever get into the normal non terrorist food chain?
  11. Can you charge someone with sending someone to hell? What is the punishment? Death, but that might reward you with virgins?

    Oh I can't wait for the days these fuckwits wake up.
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  12. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You charge them with fraud. The religious issue isn't taken into account. Extra funds were dispersed for a product, said product was not provided. Civil suit should ensue.

    A bigger issue to that community, which I am not a part, is the question of oversight. Just as Kosher food must be under supervision of a recognised authority so must Halal. This is a failure of the entire system.

  13. I await with eager anticipation the day when cute little piggy-wiggy flesh is found in Linda McCartney veggie burgers. Worth breaking in to the factory with a bag of pork mince then tipping off Food Standards.
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  14. You can argue that people who eat burgers can't really be fussed about the food that they're eating and you can also say that it is daft to have religious rules on what you eat.

    However, it is something that we should all be concerned about if we don't know what is going into the food that is available to us. Most people enjoy eating horse and pig but that's not the point; there appear to be no controls on what is being added to the food chain.

    Just remember, the horse meat scandal only broke because they were specifically looking for horse DNA. No other DNA was tested for, but could you be confident that no other meat was added to the already contaminated food?
  15. Go on just for a laugh, don't buy it myself overpriced and tasteless.
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