pork chopper joke

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maguire, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  2. Been standard practice here for years, except this bit; 'people accidentally shoot the rotors crashing copters or flying into power lines'.

    They could hardly do it deliberately!
  3. If creature can take vegetables and turn it into bacon it should be given praise above it's station
  4. A few nights ago I saw a special about these four-legged fuckers. They imagine they are a combination of domestic hogs and Eurasian boars. The end result is something akin to Frankenstein. One man claimed to have shot one a dozen times before it dropped. He was either a bad shot or had an underpowered weapon. I believe a .50 sniper rifle firing explosive bullets would do it in one.

    Florida allows one hundred thousands of them to be dropped in a year and that's not enough.

    A "pin map" of the US showed these bastards are being spotted in virtually every state . . . and they don't stop at borders.

    It's the new Boar War.
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  5. I don't think the boars imagine they are anything but boars.
    Hardly comparable to the Boar war, why do you yanks have to have a war against everything and anything. I say let the fuckers roam around, it is you lot who are invading their territory.

  6. We are not invading THEIR territory; they are a non-native and invasive species that can - and do - kill livestock and attack humans. There are documented instances in which they have forced entry into homes. In that regard, this is truly a boar war - to eliminate the bastards.

    If you feel it's the right thing to let them roam free, perhaps a few hundred scattered about the Midlands would be a wakeup call. Surely a half-ton, six foot long beast with sharp tusks would do the trick.

    By the way, your mention of "the Boar war"; that one, in Africa in the 19th Century, is spelled "BOER."
  7. You are telling me that the average yank is a native of the US? I seem to recall that most yanks have been introduced into the US and have no problem claiming it as their territory. Boars were introduced into an area and as such it becomes their territory as they were given it. You build a house where you know boars hang out then expect trouble, I take it these houses that they broke into were not in the area when the boars were introduced. How about putting up adequate fencing around property to prevent boars from getting in. Simple....but obviously not for yanks.

    As for introducing boars into the UK, I believe there is are wild boar population living and roaming free in the UK...and it is more then a few hundred........wooo what a wakeup call that was!

    Again, I ask why yanks must have a war against anything and everything. Is it a war when one side cannot fight back and is an animal?
  8. Pig problems? Release the alligators!
  9. That is one angry croc.....bet a boar bit the end of its tail off.
  10. Mr Croc does what he likes. There was a particular 'problem croc'* on the east coast of Cape York, they eventually trapped it, GPS tagged it, and released it on the west coast of Cape York. A year or so later it was back.

    * a strictly relative term.
  11. All this meat knocking about, I fail to see what the problem is. This would never have happened in Asterix and Obelix's days.
  12. Sorry to digress, but is "The Dome" nightclub still open nowadays in Brum?
  13. Bacon on the hoof. Can't see the problem here.
  14. It closed mate and reopened as The Carling Academy. Thats probably shut now as well.
  15. Cabana you are such a tool. You are just a one man angry campaign.