Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by piespies, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Evening all
    SITREP as at 2607225507Z

    BLUETEAM(Night) RVd at ASHTEAD railhead at approx 1750Z. Spoke to manager of taxi firm at station. Turns out he is Chairman of Mole Valley RBL Group, and is obviously all in favour, as are the majority of the clientele. He too has received a letter from Mrs Cheeks, addressed to the Manager of Ashtead Station (there isn't one!) ;-)

    P2, Sven, Saintstone and Farmboy proceeded to RV with Tigs2 and RoyalTankR in the LOMAC. Were advised by members of BLUETEAM(day) that Duty Rumour (from Local Caff) has it that 36 Grays Lane is to be a hostel for either Paedophiles or Drug Addicts (depending on who you talk to). Sadly no concrete source could be found for these rumours, but it shows you what we're up against.

    By and large, response from civpop was again favourable. One woman promised to do everything possible on behalf of her father who flew Spitfires during the war. Her partner asked for more info, asking "if we had been posting people's names and addresses online". P2 assured him that any names and addresses online would be from the MVDC planning site and thus in the public domain, and had not been posted by members of ARRSE. Thus placated, he spoke out in favour.

    Then followed Contact with REDTEAM. Came over for a "chat" (along with human shield of young (c7 year old) son. "Are you some of those scurrilous people from ARRSE? I wanted to see what you were like" - obviously expected us to have two heads, or be chavs or something). Attempted to argue objection based on how this change of use would be a conversion to HMO status (house of multiple occupancy). Also argued application would create dangerous precedent. When questioned on why no objections were raised to cattery application, reply was "how do you know". P2 explained that MVDC planning site had been consulted and no further reply was forthcoming.

    Saintstone attempted to reason with argument that such a facility would be hugely beneficial for children of the injured, saying that "they don't need to go to HC to see servicepeople with arms, legs and half a head missing" - as for example Loopylou's children have had to. His reaction: "Do not discuss this in front of my son". So it's NOT OK to discuss it in front of his son, yet it is ok for Loopy's children to have to see it as no facility is available?

    Killer quote was, however: "I agree there is a need for such a facility but..." Tigs2:"Not in your backyard?" Red "Yes, not in my backyard"

    Eventually he left, with Tigs2 shaking his hand and offering his name. He, however, refused to give his name, or any indication of his LOCSTAT, saying in parting "I've read your website". It is highly probable that this is a Grays Lane resident, and no doubt one of the objectors - although he would not be drawn as to whether he had in fact written to MVDC to object.

    Once BLUETEAM had calmed down (several cigarettes later to be honest), we switched fire to the Brewery Inn and met with a far more favourable response, before popping smoke and withdrawing.

    On a practical note, it has been observed that the Town Centre is suffering from Leaflet Saturation. It has therefore been suggested that Friday's efforts concentrate on doorknocking and that Saturday's effort possibly extend to Leatherhead and Epsom - please could I have feedback on this?

    Anyhow, hope this has been useful. You will all be pleased to know that we were consummate professionals, and however much we wanted to clock the REDTEAM representative with an ETH and use up all our black nasty and green hairy string, we didn't.

    All best

  2. Happy with Friday proposals, but cannot extend to other towns on Saturday as we have mobile media in Ashtead and also the RBL along with the local Guardian reporter, her photographer and our photographer.

    Happy for you to change tack today, but Sat must be in Ashtead, sorry.
  3. Happy with that. Fine by me.
  4. RBL will be RV'ing with the team this morning. I will give those on the ground a shout and remind them.

    On Saturday, photo opps and interview with the Guardian,everyone to RV with reporter and photographer at 10am at station. I will get mediabike to RV at same time and place so can get the press done and dusted before hitting the town.

    Our own photographer will be there most of the day with the team.
  5. No probs. Can you post RV details on main thread for Saturday?

    Leaflets for today are in the Leg of Mutton and Cauliflower.
  6. Dozy, Fugly cant go today but will be there tomorrow, can you add him to your list
  7. Done Moods.