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Book Reviewer
Several times this morning the site has thrown out popup ads when I've clicked a button on a page.

Noooooooooooooooo!!! Just when the Loud Shouty Ads(tm) issue seemed to have gone away. Are these advertising companies deliberately trying to piss folk off?
What browser / OS are you using? I've been having scamming pop ups (blueads- mobirewards.org) for a while. From what I've been able to find out these are 'just' a scam and aren't any more damaging than being a pain in the neck. Turning off Java script seems to have stopped it. I'm using Safari on iOS 6.
Check that the option to stop pop-ups is enabled in IE 9,

Internet options
privacy tab
pop-up blocker - tick to enable ( then in pop-up blocker settings you can set the level of blocking the pop-ups)
Thanks for response .
It was enabled ... my route to change setttings seems to be
Pop up Blocker
Settings ... current setting Medium

The problem , which lasted for perhaps an hour yesterday , seems to have gone away .
Just got a popup when I clicked the last 50 link. It was an ad for a gam "Forge of empires".

The popup emerges in the background BTW, don't know if it means the problem is on my end... I'm using FF 15.01.

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