Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by CrashTestDummy, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Several times this morning the site has thrown out popup ads when I've clicked a button on a page.

  2. Noooooooooooooooo!!! Just when the Loud Shouty Ads(tm) issue seemed to have gone away. Are these advertising companies deliberately trying to piss folk off?
  3. Not seen anything like that myself but bloody hate pop-up ads.
  4. Seen, I've just had some gimpy game pop up when clicking the last 50 button
  5. What browser / OS are you using? I've been having scamming pop ups (blueads- mobirewards.org) for a while. From what I've been able to find out these are 'just' a scam and aren't any more damaging than being a pain in the neck. Turning off Java script seems to have stopped it. I'm using Safari on iOS 6.
  6. Got some bloody stupid game popup using both IE9 and Chrome.
  7. Ditto but only IE9 .
  8. Getting it on firefox at my end as well.

    Has some **** got at the forum software and done this?
  9. HHH

    HHH LE

    Check that the option to stop pop-ups is enabled in IE 9,

    Internet options
    privacy tab
    pop-up blocker - tick to enable ( then in pop-up blocker settings you can set the level of blocking the pop-ups)
  10. Got mine set to block yet I was still getting them last night.
  11. Thank god the gay dating pop up has gone all I got at the week end was one for wining a I phone.
    I always thought iPads were immune to pop ups
  12. Thanks for response .
    It was enabled ... my route to change setttings seems to be
    Pop up Blocker
    Settings ... current setting Medium

    The problem , which lasted for perhaps an hour yesterday , seems to have gone away .
  13. Those gurning orange harridans are not looking quite so bad now, are they?
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