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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Whilst reading all your posts about how you cant all decide whether to roll up your sleeves and tuck your shirts into your underpants and wear bracers,it got me thinking what would you wear if the choice was given? and over the years of different uniforms what was the smartest and most functionable, I think the old BD when worn properly was quite a good look, at least you wouldn't look like yanks. would a sort of baseball style of cap ever fit into the british army? something like the yank 1960s OG fatigue cap.
  2. Anything issued by the RAF must have been smart and functional. You'd never see a scruffy, oil-stained Crab.
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  3. I really cant make my mind up on the wellies.
  4. Mess tin order
  5. OG Towel and flip flops. Rig of the Gods.
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  6. Your missus on my face, the promiscuous cunt.
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  7. You mean like this?

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  8. Well that really contributed to the thread....you dull cunt.
  9. Fuck !! forgot about those, never had one anyway.
  10. Well, the question was "what would you wear if the choice were given?", and zero-over answered. He'd probably slide her onto himself, like a well oiled wellington boot
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  11. It'd be like driving a matchbox car into the hold of a cross-channel ferry.