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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by target_stop, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. I am so happy Big Brother is back. Brian is doing a great job and i was really shocked to see JedWard enter the house.

    Its going to be the best one yet, yaaaaay........................
  2. How many people want to fuck you with a broom right now?
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  3. I have a feeling "Foot rot Mike" is more popular than me at the moment.
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  4. Claw hammer. Broom shroom.
    Mmmmmmmmm, shroooms.
    Last week in Aug/first week in Sept. If you make a mushy brew with Vimto you can't fail CDT...
  5. Never has a JDAM been needed on a target so much as tonight
  6. What does it stand for? JDAM? I know it's a big bomb.
  7. Oiiii dog cock, you are not taking my thread off course, this is my big night.
  8. Fuck off, or we'll start talking about jam and marmalade again.

    I know who invented jam.
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  9. I will buy you a pony.
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  10. Talk is cheap.

    A bit like me.
  11. Joint Direct Attack Munition.

    *Anorack off*

    To be honest, JDAM would be too quick. I'd much prefer to napalm the fucking lot of them, the attention grabbing cunts.

    Or a thermobaric munition, people would pay top dollar to watch Jedward getting their insides sucked out of their arrse.
  12. Can i just send you a Prit stick, there is bound to be some pony in there some where?
  13. Put me down for a go, fucking Big fucking brother fucking pile of wank.
  14. Tropper? 1234567
  15. Nah, Jedward are tops. Yaaaaaaaaaay.... (back on track)
    WTF is a "foot rot mike"?