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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. So I'm watching the Deer Hunter just now. Its a movie I've seen loads of times but it always pisses me off because it seems badly chopped up into bits. I've considered that it might have some kind of deeper context but I don't know what it is beyond maybe the horrors of war after its over or how soldiers are all affected in different ways maybe.

    Starts with a wedding, some banter, some scenes of deer hunting and then suddenly Robert Deniro is burning NVA soldiers all by himself and the other two guys turn up but they're just line infantry and then...I don't know, it just skips right to the whole prisoners playing Russian roulette part. Its brutal but the jump is so random.

    Then I dont know, they go home but Christopher Walken doesnt and hes playing Russian roulette as a professional now or something and doesnt even recognise Deniro.

    I just dont ever quite understand what the **** is happening in it but its considered to be a fantastic movie and critically acclaimed.
  2. Might as well nuke this with the 2nd post

    The Patriot
    Breaker Morant
    Pearl Harbor
    Saving Private Ryan
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  3. I'm not a braveheart fan either, to be honest, the film is just woven with bullshit. Never understood why they couldn't stick a little more to facts, which are interesting enough to still make a strong film. Unfortunately many of my native bretheren treat it as the Scottish gospel.

    Mel Gibson is a prick.
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  4. Those Hobbit thingys film things, and the Harry Potter things.

    Tried, oh how I tried, to watch them (cause the Beaglettes were raving about them and I wanted to be Father of the Year). Best sleeping pill I know of.
  5. Funny you should post this today. Just two nights ago I was visiting my Dad and I was forced to watch the last half of "2012" with him. I frigging loathe that movie. Crap science, stars John Cuzak who's said abysmally ignorant, insulting, and patronizing things about the military, and the end...oh, the end. Yes, let's open the fcuking ship's doors for a howling, rioting mob, just before the massive tidal wave hits. I mean what could go wrong, right? Besides the ship's watertight integrity being catastrophically compromised, the mob causing the ship's crew to be unable to efficiently perform its functions, and then the eventual food riots if the ship survives, since we didn't program in rationing for all these extra mouths. What the hell, we'll just eat the animals stowed below, before we all turn to cannibalism. It's not like the survival of the human race is at stake or anything, we need to "feel good about ourselves" and let the mob onboard. AAAArrrrrgh.
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  6. The Princess Diaries. At least for those I was permitted the pleasure of sitting in my own house with a glass of wine and some popcorn to please the step-daughters.

    The Sponge-Bob Squarepants Movie. I had to endure that sitting in a theater. I've still not recovered from the trauma.
  7. Any of those modern " I can dance better than you" type flicks (can't be arrsed naming them)
    that seem to so inspire "x-factor" hopefuls & the like - presumably.
    Absolute bucket of shite anyhow. So called actors - well into their 30s trying to pass off as 17 year olds -bah!
    Prancing about 'fighting through dance' when they would really be glassing each other in real life.
    They would all be better off sticking to making porn - much better allocation of resources.
  8. Top Gun, just too gay for my liking.
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  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer


    How many times at a wedding/works party have you seen some **** up on a chair pointing into the distance whilst 'Summer Nights' is being playing by some amoebic rent-a-crowd dullard whose double decks are his one chance per week to get away from his hellspawn missus? And the caterwauling by pissed idiots of that last screeching note, Because That's What You Do, Innit.

    All because of that ******* film.
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  10. Val Kilmer, in an interview a few years back, said "Iceman" was his first gay character....
  11. Bambi

    Watership Down
  12. The Shawshank Redemption.

    I've never understood the love that this film gets.
    "Oh it's lovely how Tim Robbins character gives hope to all these convicted criminals by playing a record."
    **** 'em. They're crims, in my opinion the governor & guards were too soft on them. ******* liberals.

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  13. I had the misfortune of Mrs. Rutar and I having to take the nephews to see the smurfs. Punching myself in the balls would've been more entertaining. Kids only need bright colours and loud noises to be entertained.

    Proof of life, Master and commander and Lord of the rings were all coma inducing crap.
  14. Those fast and furious films. Bunch of shite.

    The Matrix sequels. Mumbo jumbo bollocks.

    The Terminator sequels
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  15. The rocky films, didn't catch them the first time around so don't see what's so special about them.

    Any twilight based shite, rather shit on my hands and clap then watch any of them.