Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by halomonkey, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Taking a leaf from those helping raise awareness for the RBL Poppy appeal, I thought it might be an idea to draw attention to Poppyscotland. For all those who don't know, Poppyscotland looks after the poppy appeal in Scotland. The appeal is ongoing throughout the year and needs volunteers in several roles. At the moment about 10 areas are looking for Area Organisers. If you are in Scotland and want to help with the Poppy Appeal please follow the link.
  2. On the same theme I came across this the other day, looks like a good night out and it helps a great cause :wink:

    Royal Marines Musical Extravaganza for Poppyscotland

    The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines have teamed up with Poppyscotland to present an extravaganza for music lovers at Edinburgh's Assembly rooms, on Sunday 14th September 2008 at 7.30pm.

    The event will be a rare treat for music lovers as the band and their star guests will be playing anything from Elvis to opera. The band, unmistakable in their distinctive white helmets, really interacts with their audience and will be sure to have everyone dancing in the aisles.

    The band are based at HMS Caledonia in Roysth, Fife and are the only Royal Marines Band north of London, yet they have played in places as far flung as Holland, Gibraltar, St Moritz, Cyprus for the Queens birthday and most recently Washington DC. Each member of the band can also play 2 instruments, making the band one of the most versatile and adept in the world of military music.

    Poppyscotland helps the most vulnerable members of the ex-Service community, a number of whom may suffer from financial, physical or psychological problems.

    Poppyscotland is facing an enormous challenge to meet the needs of veterans and their families in Scotland. We know from recent research that the veterans' community in Scotland stands at around million - one in five of our population.

    In addition to helping veterans and dependants from the World Wars Poppyscotland is supporting an increasing number of veterans from more recent conflicts, including the Falklands, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Poppyscotland would like to invite you to join us in the bar for a few pre-show refreshments before taking your seat for this spectacular live show.

    Tickets are on sale now from Poppyscotland call us today on 0131 550 1559. Price £14.00 or £12.00 (concessions only)

    If you require any further information about the event, or the work of Poppyscotland please contact Lynn Stimpson, Special Events Manager at 0131 550 1542 or l.stimpson@poppyscotland.org.uk
  3. a most obvious 'bump'
  4. Scottish Poppy Appeal Area Organiser: Bonhill, Dunoon, Edinburgh (Craiglockhart), Edinburgh (Craigmillar), Edinburgh (Colinton), Edinburgh (Granton), Edinburgh (Gilmerton), Edinburgh (Leith), Edinburgh (Liberton), Edinburgh (Morningside), Edinburgh (New Town), Haddington, Glasgow (Castlemilk), Glasgow (City Centre), Glasgow (Giffnock), Glasgow (Govan), Glasgow (Shawlands), Glasgow (Springburn/Port Dundas), Inverkip, Tummel Bridge.

    FFS, of our two biggest cities 15 posts are vacant :x

    Come on people, get this out and get these posts filled.
  5. Surely there isn't just the 3 of us on here trying to help out poppyscotland. Bumpity bump bump bump
  6. Are all the Jocks too busy sunbathing? Nobody on here want to volunteer for one of the above posts?
  7. alas ,, too far away,,,
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Me too.

    Past on to the old folks to see if they can help. Can't believe there aren't enough old and bold that would be willing to take this on from around these areas.

    Come on all
  9. ''jocks'', god I hate that trem of abuse, are doing their bit for PoppyScotland up here in the far northwest.
  10. Try Werewolf he said that he lives in Oxgangs which I think is near to Colinton.
  11. And Sparky.

    Come on you two, get out and about.
  12. I'm a 'jock' and I use it and take it's use as a term of endearment ( I'd rather be called a jock than english :twisted: ). Can't please all the folks all the time :wink:
    Now back to the important issue. Come on folks , there's worse things you could spend some of your spare time on.
  13. On it Heidtheba, I've just volunteered.

    Saw yer post in varsity's "nerf" thread.

    Thanks for the heads up mate :D

  14. I can probably cover Edinburgh Liberton and Gilmerton. On it now........
  15. Nae dramas pal! :wink:

    Well done you and Spenny :thumleft:

    Keep bumping this fellas, lets get these posts filled.