Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RustyH, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi, not sure this is the right place but it is a matter of logistics!

    I've been asked tonight to get 15 poppys for tommorrow 1025 for our hockey team for an away game, fines given for those without. Now I've been to Sainsburys and ASDA with no luck so can anyone who's awake at this late hour give me any suggestions?

  2. Whereabouts are you?
  3. Poppies only started to be distributed in my area on Monday. Best bet is Sub Post Offices and Petrol Stations as they seem to be the first to be supplied.

    Bit late to ask, but the local British Legion's telephone number is in the phone book, and they have 1,000's ready for sale. I distributed another 30 boxes this afternoon in the North Yorkshire area.

    The distribution of 36 million poppies which takes place during the two week period leading up to Remembrance Sunday is an enormous undertaking and one that requires in the region of 300,000 volunteers to ensure that the operation runs smoothly.
  4. I got mine on Monday, first I had seen, in a Bradford & Bingley branch, so there's another possibility.
  5. I got one yesterday in the local chemist's and another one today from the newsagents. So they are out there, it's just a case of a bit more leg work or at the very least a few phone calls first thing tomorrow Rusty.
    Or how about you run some off on your printer and stick some pins through them. Crisis averted for tomorrow, fines avoided and nice big donation to the first poppy tin you see.
  6. Cheers for the advice guys I'll hit the town first thing tommorrow.
    thanks Halomonkey but I'd expect that to result in worse fines!
  7. Did you get them Rusty? Or have you had to make a nice big donation to the Poppy Fund? I take it that is where the fines will have gone if incurred.
  8. Wisley South Connect station on the A3 near Guildford, Surrey?