Poppy Wearing new guidelines


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We had recent notification that poppies are no longer to be dismantelled and placed leaf placed behind cap badge. They are to be worn complete with stem tucked behind the cap badge

Rules for wearing with Service/ Forage cap unknown however suspect its the same

Anyone else heard this?

I'm not quite sure what you mean, stem behind the cap badge and the flower poking up like a little aerial or are you trying to cram the whole thing complete with stem behind the cap badge?
Either way, I've got mine dismantled and so has everyone else I've seen.
Everyone in my troop has just got the red petals behind the cap badge as told to by the troop SNCOs. Haven't heard any different. Wouldn't fancy walking around as though I'd got bits of foliage growing out of my beret


War Hero
I am hoping this is a WAH however I suspect not
I am out the country at the moment and like you took the usual steps to dismantle and place said poppy leaf appropriately behind cap badge
However no matter how much I question this, all back home are reckon its legit - in my unit anyway

Still guess I find out when I get home

Poppy wearing "guidelines"??!!!!! Jesus. H. Christ. Who make sthis s*it up??

Cheers easy!!!

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