Poppy Vandalism - with a good ending

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RABC, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. My missus was in town on Saturday, chatting to the RBL poppy seller outside WH Smith, when some guy ran up to her, grabbed the poppy she was wearing, tore it up and remonstrated with her that "as a fellow foreigner, she should be ashamed to be seen wearing it !!"

    Now my wife was born in the Philippines, but bearing in mind her Grandad was killed by the Japanese, her Dad fought in Vietnam, she was an army wife for 13 years, and our son is serving now, this guy had picked on the wrong person !! It turns out the guy was a Muslim who objected to poppies (and the local market selling pork as well). As my wife is Asian (bet it wouldn't have worked if it was me), she called the police, who nabbed him. My wife gave him a great talk about the history of the poppy, and how he could feck off back to whichever Muslim country he came from, if he didn't like our ways.

    But the best bit was she said she would press charges, unless he put a tenner in the poppy collection tin. He was not a very happy chappy, but he coughed up !!! I am so proud of her !!
  2. Priceless! Should have asked for a few quid more though...
  3. Awesome reaction!
  4. Should have castrated the little swine afterwards.

    editted to add - nice one Mrs RABC
  5. A rowsing Huzzah for Mrs RabC
  6. Nice one..Mrs RABC.
  7. Seconded. Good Drills, Ma'am! :D :salut:
  8. a tenner! should of put the price up for every time he breathed.

    good effort mrs RABC
  9. Good skills - shame she didn't press charges anyway and then deny all knowledge of the tenner!
  10. Get stuck in lass.........i'm very impressed!!! :judge: :worship:
  11. Bloody excellent. Well done Mrs RabC :clap:
  12. RabC:

    Tell the wife that even on the septic side of the pond there are people proud of her. Good for you Ma'am!!
  13. Good drills Mrs RabC
  14. Nope cheap at the Price!

    Good to hear that he got sorted out by Mrs Rab C :D