Poppy used to mourn dead chickens and pets.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. This just gets me.
    A chicken website has a section for members to mourn their pets(fair one) but to call it the Poppy Field and use poppies- our national symbol of Remembrance-to add to their hangwringing does go beyond it abit in light of the time of year it is and what the Poppy means to thousands who have lost loved ones...not for fcukin pets!
    Have already asked for it to be renamed but was accused of being disrespectfull and insensitive to grieving pet lovers!!!!!!!!
    My beef is...leave the Popppy alone as it is already recognised for what it is..a fitting symbol for our fallen servicemen/women not fallen fcukin pets!!!!
    Web Page Name
  2. my contact at RBL says that there is a purple poppy for the mourning of dead animals, honest
  3. There was a green poppy out last year for....see if you can guess, much more offensive than dead pets.
  4. dead paddys?
  5. Dried phlegm?
  6. dead vegetablists?
  7. dead jihadists?
  8. your favourite rose bush with both red and white roses which is now deceased due to the winter???
  9. So an irish life is worth more than any other allied life?
  10. I'm Scots, do I get a Blue one?

    Why the hell can people not leave things alone! It does not matter where you came from, the colour of your skin or what your religion is or was: the red poppy is the accepted symbol to remember them ALL.

    Absent friends.
  11. The whole point of the red poppy is it represents EVERYONE regardless of colour or creed.

    What makes the Irish more equal in death than the others?
  12. I seem to be missing the bit where the page for mourners is actually tied-in with the Poppy>
  13. I see nothing wrong with the Irish honouring their own dead first, after all we do exactly the same. We honour ours then the Commonwealth then our allies.
    The Kiwi and Ozzies remember their dead first as well.

    As for poppies for dead chickens - well, you just couldn't make it up could you? Presumably not for those who breed and slaughter chickens in their thousands. Nutters the lot of them.

  14. I have never seen a green Poppy down this neck of the woods

    Red Poppies symbolise everyone

    irregardless of rank, colour creed or nationality.

    thats the way it is- and thats the way it should remain