Poppy Travel - New Website and Tour Programme

The Royal British Legion, the custodians of Remembrance, has launched a brand new website www.poppytravel.org.uk and new-look 2008 brochure featuring information on the increasingly popular global battlefield tours and pilgrimages.

Genealogy is very current and topical thanks to programmes such as the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? and more people than ever are turning to Poppy Travel at The Royal British Legion in order to visit an area of the world a relative fought in.

Poppy Travel organises tours for individuals, groups, schools and new army recruits to war cemeteries, memorials and battlefield sites across the world.

Highlights of 2008 tours include exploring events in 1918 to mark the 90th Anniversary of the end of WW1, the 65th Anniversary of events in 1943 and 100 years since the founding of the Territorial Army, with Battlefield Tours and Pilgrimages commemorating the first actions by the TA in Flanders in 1914.

Pilgrimages, which offer a more personal visit to a region, will include The Menin Gate in Ypres during Remembrance in November to cover the 11th of the 11th, Sicily, Tunisia and Southern Italy, a Pilgrimage outlining the story of the V weapons from Peenemunde to London, Dambusters and Chindits Pilgrimages and a new two day Pilgrimage to visit cemeteries and memorials in the channel ports and Arras areas. There are many other favourite destinations to explore such as the Monte Cassino Pilgrimage, Cairo, Suez and the Red Sea, Ypres and The Somme and the French Coast Pilgrimage.

Special Battlefield Tours this year will include tours to the sites of the air war fought over France and Flanders to mark the 90th Anniversary of the RAF, new one day tours visiting places of remembrance in the UK such as ‘Walking The Blitz’ and ‘Battle Of Britain Day’, the Zebrugge Raid on St George’s Day 1918, Tanzania- the scene of fighting in East Africa, tours in Italy, a Falklands walking tour, a 60th anniversary tour to Belize to commemorate the start of the threat to Belize and a return to the BAOR Cold War Battlefield tour.

Full details are available at: www.poppytravel.org.uk
Do you do short tours? :? Am interested in going to Gallipoli in the next few years but don't fancy an 8 day tour. Do you do long weekend ones?
We don't tend to do short trips to Gallipoli.

Cheap flights go to Istanbul which is a good six hours in a coach from to the Gallipoli battlefields. So you will spend most of two days getting to and from Turkey and a long day getting to Gallipoli and back. Not much of even a long weekend left.

There is a lot to see in Gallipoli as well. You could easily spend 3-4 days on the ground. Its a cheap place to stay so you don't save much by cutting the number of days in Turkey

Most of our travellers want to see something of the country while there are there. There is a lot to see.

Even if you are only interested in battlefields much of it puts Gallipoli in context - e.g. would you go to Channakale without visiting Troy - an earlier east v west confrontation? Or not visit the Crimean war hospital and do the Florence ni9ghtinggale stuff? Or ignore the Ayia Sophia 500 years a mosque after 1000 years as a church, founded after rioting sports fans burned the old one down. A revolt put down by Count Belesarius and scandinavian guards? Or not see the turkish military musuem and its Jannisary band?

We could look at a shortern value tour and see how many other people want to just go to Gallipoli and back. Maybe over ANZAC day 2009?
Ok, thanks. Yes, I think something for ANZAC day would be good. Especially in a few years time when it is the 100th anniversary.

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