Poppy Travel Battlefield Tours for the Victory Services Club

We have just launched a series of battlefield tours that we are running for Victory Services Club members.

The Victory Services Club, is a Tri-Service, All-Ranks Members' Club for retired and serving members of the Armed Forces, located at Marble Arch in London's West End. Membership of the Victory Services Club is open to all serving, ex-serving and retired Members of the British Armed Forces (Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army), all Commonwealth countries and NATO Members. Serving Armed Forces are entitled to use the Club's facilities without taking out Membership. The VSC is an 'All Ranks' Club and single membership of the Club is just £20 per year. There are a range of reciprocal arrangements with other military clubs.

Tour programme covers 2007-8 and destinations include battlefields memorials and cultural sites in Europe, North Africa and the Far East as well as locations in London. The highlight of the tour programme will be a Victory Services Club Centenary Tour following the advance of the allies from Normandy to the Rhine in November 2007 , including British American and Canadian battlefields memorials and cemeteries.

The Victory Services Club is also distributing details of the MOD War Widows Grant in Aid scheme which allows eligible Widows (or widowers) to travel to visit the overseas grave or memorial of a spouse who died on operations before 1967, if they haven't done so already.

Tours can be booked through the Membership Department of the Victory Services Club For further information on the tours please contact Andrew Brown, Membership Secretary on 020 7616 8302 or email mem@vsc.co.uk

More details about tours here: http://www.vsc.co.uk/default.asp?PageID=62

As with all of our tours, the aim is to foster Remembrance by helping people to understand what servicemen and women in the past did and why they did it. The Legion's staff will try to to find out about the history of a relative, where they fought and where they are buried or commemorated if they didn't survive. The Legion's help services are free.

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