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Poppy Shop - Support RBL here


Book Reviewer
This is where arrsers can buy a poppy to put onto their avatar, and support the COs' RBL Appeal while they do it.

YesItsMe and Meridien have kindly offered to produce 'poppied pictures' for any arrser making a donation at

ARRSE BMyCharity page.

Once you've made your donation, select your poppy from the list below, and put a request on here. Whichever of them sees the request first will process it. Requests will be actioned in the order they are posted, and all will be actioned as quickly as they can be.

Here is the menu of poppies.

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

# 7

# 8

# 9

# 10

# 11

# 12

This thread will become sticky during October and will be locked on 12th November.

Thanks for starting this, GRB.

After donating the money, please let us know:

1. The chosen poppy of course.
2. Where exactly you'd like to have the poppy added to your avatar.
3. Any flip or rotation you'd like to have (vertical or horizontal).

As GRB said, we'll deal with requests in order they are posted and will try to get you the best avatar you ever had.

Just start donating and we'll start working.


Book Reviewer
Cool, YIM. I love your artistic smileys!

So folks, there you have it. Easy donation to support RBL, which provides fabulous support for servicemen and women all year round.

And you have the most lovely avatar in a sea of lovely avatars.

What more could you want?
You're welcome. :)

Thank you for your support for the RBL, bigbird. :thumleft:

(If anyone needs help with exchanging the avatar or something like that, please say so.)
YesItsMe said:
mwl946 said:
CQMS said:
Can donations be done by paypal?
Was just about to ask exactly the same!!
I'll check with the COs.

This is why it was changed:

The big benefit of using this over our old paypal charity account is that the RBL can claim the tax back if you are a UK tax payer - ie. you're giving your donation + tax rate % to the charity.
When I contacted them to check it was OK to do this, they asked if we could use the charity account, so I suspect that's the best option if you could, please.

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