Poppy Service ... same procedure as last year ;)

Like last year, you can 'order' a poppy to get attached to your avatar.

Just choose a poppy from the list below and tell me where you would like to have it in your avatar,
same as size and if you want me to flip or rotate the poppy you've chosen.

The price for this service is up to you. You donate a quid or two three four five to Holidays4Heroes
and then let me know in here what you'd like to have.

Just one thing right away:
I can only offer the service till Tuesday, 2nd of November, cause I'll be in the UK afterwards without a laptop this time.
If you think you're the right one *graphic field-tested* to take over afterwards, please get in touch. :)

One more thing:
Please don't forget to save the original to your HDD, if you want to use it again afterwards. :)


Book Reviewer
Great idea, many thanks, YIM.
I've saved mine from last year, but will make it up to Holidays for Heroes somehow, I'm sure!
Same procedure as every year, James (I've lived in Germany too long)! :-D
And the same every New Year!


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Could I please make it clear that we're more than happy for people to donate money to RBL for this service, instead of (or as well as) Holidays for Heroes.

The COs are not doing their usual autumn auctions for RBL, and Holidays For Heroes is grateful to be able to carry on fundraising during this time, so if you feel you can be generous to RBL, it's a very good cause.
Starting to see a few avatars with poppies now, and very nice they look too.

Thanks to all those who have paid for the service, and to YIM for doing it again this year.
Any more poppies required?

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