Poppy Service ... same procedure as every year ;)

Like last year, you can 'order' a poppy to get attached to your avatar.

Just choose a poppy from the list below and tell me where you would like to have it in your avatar,
same as the size and if you want me to flip or rotate the poppy you've chosen.

The price for this service is up to you.
You simply donate a quid or two (three four five) to the RBL and/or Holidays4Heroes
and then let me know in here what you'd like to have.

Apart from that the COs are not doing their usual autumn auctions for the RBL,
so we will do combined auctions for RBL and Holidays4Heroes during this time.
I'll start some 'trying to sponge auction items out of all of you' thread soon. :-D

One more thing right away:
There might be difficulties with the poppy service between Sunday, 23rd of October and Tuesday, 1st of November,
cause I'll be in the UK by that time and you know about having a signal in the Black Mountains. ;-)
I apologise for any delays during those days.
Btw - if any of you think you're the right one (graphic field-tested) to take over during that time, please get in touch.

One more thing:
Please don't forget to save the original to your HDD, if you want to use it again afterwards !!! ;-)
I have left my poppy on my avatar since last year as I am:-

*keen on supporting the RBL all year round

*lazy and didn't take it off.

I have now made a donation for this year.

Thank you YIM, well recommended!

*delete as applicable.


Book Reviewer
Could you please put number five above my right ear, YIM?

Thank you.

Can you put #2 above white number panel on the left please, ie medals location.

Cheers & beers.


err....I've made a donation, trust me, I'm a Colonial.
Both will be done as soon as I'm in front of a 'proper computer'.
Haven't got the Jasc software on the netbook yet - but will sure do so before leaving for Wales.

And thanks for the offer, Trick_Boom, much appreciated. :)

Oh yes, and I remember those brilliant ones you've done last year. :thumright:


Book Reviewer
Mine's lovely thank you YIM. Now to work out how to save it...

And my donation will be there as soon as the box appears in the Post Office.
Mine's lovely thank you YIM. Now to work out how to save it...
Thank you. :)

It's easy - you click on it and then save the image to your computer.
Afterwards you go to Settings (right hand side very top of every page on ARRSE)
then go to Edit Avatar (in the box on the left hand side)
tick Use Custom Avatar and then
choose in Option 2 the image saved to your HDD.

I wouldn't mind anyone using Option 1 as well and simply use the web address where I uploaded the image.

That would be http://www.tab1.de/h4h/poppy/poppy_bno.jpg in your case and http://www.tab1.de/h4h/poppy/poppy_beagleboy.jpg for Beagleboy.

For everyone discovering it won't work no matter what you do - there is a problem at the moment with avatars and the COs are working on it.
If you have a problem, please add your name to this thread.
It's the best and easiest way for the COs to see which accounts are affected. :)

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