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Discussion in 'ACF' started by GrenadierEd, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Dear All,

    I would just like to raise the issue of extremely ignorant people who seem not to give two s**ts about Remembering those who have fallen to create the country we have today.

    It makes me sick how people can half no conscience and not even buy a poppy!

    I really would like to make it more well known to be honest.


    L/Cpl Ed Clarke
  2. thats the thing, they died so they are FREE to choose whether to wear or not to wear, whatever my private thoughts are, while I would prefer they did, but they free not to and I respect that choice.

    we just don't raise the profile of poppy events enough and the reasons behind it, many are ignorant because they haven't been told the full facts, some even think the money raised go to WW1 veterans only.

    The RBL needs to shake of the Old man image and make themselves relevent by introducing Younger Soldiers to committees and public events.
  3. I have recently re-joined the RBL locally - I was for many years in an "in house" branch. The new branch president has already asked me to consider joining the committee. I think at 48 I will be a youngster.
  4. its a start mate
  5. Mine Closed!
  6. not surprised really, Some RBL bods did not make any provision for succession when they pass on, from what I understand many RBL committees are loath to allow youngsters to take over and modernise the organisation, they want to keep it exactly as it was when they joined in 1965.
    the RBL is for ALL Soldiers from WW1 to Gulf 2 and Aghanistan, consequently the Membership as well as the Committee should reflect this, however that is no tthe case, some RBLs are doomed to close when the last of the oldies die off, shame really some have modernised others haven't.
  7. Very true Semper through just as you said the RBL that has been open since 1920 where I live will close tomorrow night :(
  8. Or should I say tonight never noticed the time......and £45k in debt due to the closed ranks of the committee not letting the young in.
  9. GrenadierEd...... I know your thoughts are well meant. However, I was pleasantly surprised today whilst wandering around my local shopping centre (Weston Favell, Northants) to see loads and LOADS of people wearing their poppies. I presently have one on my blazer, one on my suit, one on my scruff jacket and three in my car because each time I forget or misplace one, I cannot resist buying another when I get given the opputunity. My total outlay has been six quid. I'm really ok with that and feel that I've possibly 'covered' five nobs who have not coughed up !!!
  10. Me too - I've spent about £6 on poppies because I keep losing them - a lot seeing as I'm a student, but I feel naked without one because most of my uni friends, who wear one, know I'm ex-Army.

    *too tired to edit for spelling
  11. Is that the RBL Branch or the RBL club? Two different and separate beasts. Our RBL club closed years a go, the branch lives on.
  12. I spent just 2 hours in our town centre yesterday (Sat), with the cadets selling poppies. We sold loads, 2 boxes were nearly empty!

    It was great to see all generations giving donations. Old blokes to groups of 14 year old girls!

    I think the last few years of our forces in action around the world has woken the country up to a certain extent. Normal people understand the sacrifices being made and made in years gone by. Its a pity polititians haven't cought on!!
  13. My detachment is in only a small community, but yesterday my cadets gave up their time to sell poppies at the local supermarket, and were on parade today. The response we got from the locals was 100% positive, thankfully. The kids gave a fantastic account of themselves and showed due respect for the ause they were supporting. It's nice to be able to write something like this that dosn't involve moaning and whinging
  14. I'm pleased to say that may cadets made a great effort for Remembrance Weekend.

    I had around thrity bodies on the ground for selling poppies on Saturday and a similar number on parade on Sunday.

    The chappie from the RBL came down this week with a certificate for us. We'd raised over £1,000 for the appeal. I'm very proud of my cadets :)