Poppy selling

I remember from last year many arrsers saying that they didnt see many people selling poppies, and so, they didnt buy one. I said then, its easy, give up a few hours on the Saturday and/or the Sunday before Remberance day and help out the RBL, and get a box, sell some poppies.

To that end, if your in The Chichester/Bognor Regis area and want to do your bit, PM me and Ill give you some contact numbers to phone to sign up, I know its in November, but the local RBL need a heads up now on who want to sell on the day.

Cadets will be out in force in uniform, if you want to be too, but civvies is also ok....

A few hours is better then none at all.
Or you could buy some petrol for your car and while your at the till, pop a couple of quid in the poppy box and bobs your uncle. I think there are less individuals selling poppies these days, but the poppy boxes can be found in banks, post offices, petrol stations and supermarkets.
I had hoped that this was the lovely Poppy up for sale but heyho.
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